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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:29

Yazawa Seihon Co., Ltd.

We are a bookbinding company that is run by craftsmen with technical prowess that we have developed over the years by accumulating expertise as we respond to our customers’ requirements.

We can process bookbinding more beautifully than other companies are capable of even with the same machinery by using our ingenuity and in-house modifications. Our reputation has spread through word of mouth and introductions without the need for a sales department. Our popularity is driven by our ajiro binding, the length of our book spines and text that can be printed at 1 mm or less. We also provide folding for envelopes and copy slips. We are among the few bookbinding companies that can provide slip processing.

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Sales Pitch

Asilo, folding, saddle stitching, and slips
Ajiro, wireless processing
We are able to offer smoothing of rough page edges, changes to book spine length, and thin books with text of 1 mm or less. Our edge-smoothing is not overly pronounced, which means the spines of the books do not protrude after treatment. Our books are well received by customers and look beautiful with printing that can be clearly seen when they are displayed in bookstores.
Fold processing
We offer not only general folding but also envelope and copy slip folding. We receive a lot of demand for school applications and from government offices. In addition, secondary processing of folding, saddle stitching and solid black printing can be folded without problems.
Slip processing
While the number of bookbinding companies that offer processing is decreasing with decreases in demand, we also produce maintenance notes for cars and similar products, enabling us to continue to offer processing until the present day. Our processing is performed by skilled craftsmen.

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