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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:36

Seet Device Dvelopment Co., Ltd.

Coating work and wholesaling of functional materials (e.g. vitreous coating agents and thin film fluorine agents). Promoting the development of sheet devices.

Through our coating work and wholesaling of functional materials, we help to improve the productivity of our customers and create new value from our materials. We make full use of and protect precious resources. We also collect, compile and provide technical information to our customers regarding their concerns. Through our business activities, we try to bring culture to people's lives and make a social contribution.

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Inorganic vitreous coating
Inorganic vitreous coating binds with base material to form an inorganic coat which protects the base material from UV and oxidation.
This can be used as a transparent insulating coating.
This expands and contracts in accordance with changes in the base material.
Fluorine coating of less than 1μm in thickness (low-temperature work)
We can process thin films and parts of less than 1μm within their dimension accuracy.
This is coating having water and oil repellency and heat resistance up to 200 ℃.
This has no insulation property and static electricity is not generated by coating.


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