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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:36

Heat Lab. Corporation

We develop prototypes, manufacture custom-made items, and mass-produce products in the fields of film heating, screen printing, and aluminum foil etching.

Our company makes use of our proprietary surface heaters to propose solutions for the various heating challenges that our customers ask us about. 
Our other core technologies are screen printing and aluminum foil etching, and we also provide products and services that apply these techniques and expertise. 

[Main Products and Services]
■ Aluminum foil film heaters (aluminum foil etching heaters)
■ Transparent film heaters (two types: low-resistance and high-resistance)
■ Screen printing products (Framed step-printing glass for OCA manufacturers, transparent electrode printing products for sensors and touch switches, etc.)
■ Aluminum foil etching products(RFID/NFC circuits, FPC, etc.)

[Business Activities]
■ Development, manufacturing, and sales of various surface heating elements
■ Manufacturing and sales of screen printing products
■ Manufacturing and sales of etching products
■ Other outsourced development


Sales Pitch

Strengths of our Products and Technologies
Film heater products
■Aluminum foil film heaters (etching heaters)
These film heaters are made by etching aluminum foil. Aluminum foil and PET (AL/PET) composite film are used. The shape and resistance value can be made to custom specifications tailored to the customer's demands. We also sell our own standardized products. 

■ Transparent film heaters
These film heaters are made up of a transparent conductive layer on top of a substrate such as PET film. The wiring for the heat generating components is not visible, so it is suitable for warming areas that require visibility. We have two types of transparent heaters: low resistance and high resistance.
Special screen printing technology
We have been cultivating our screen printing techniques for many years, and they have won an established reputation. We now offer specialized printing services such as printing transparent electrodes for touch panels and touch switches, and make framed step printing glass for OCA manufacturers.
Aluminum foil etching technology
Our proprietary aluminum etching method enables the formation of precision circuits for aluminum heater products, antennas using aluminum foil, or sensor applications. Small batches and prototypes are produced in a single wafer process using a screen resist, while we can use roll-to-roll processing for mass production. 
We also provide etching of stainless steel foil (SUS foil) and copper foil (Cu foil) in addition to aluminum foil.
Towards Matching
Main business connections and experience (domestic)
Automobile manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers, physics and chemistry equipment manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, paper manufacturers, industrial machinery manufacturers, universities, high schools, electronic component manufacturers, etc.
In-house system for market cultivation and overseas expansion
· English available 
· Direct delivery from overseas partner factories also possible.

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