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Yonagunijima Island coral, which is condensed with marine minerals

We are a manufacturer that manufactures and sells foods, filter media, feeds and fertilizers using fossil corals from Yonagunijima, Okinawa Prefecture. We make our products by refining, crushing and processing coral into easy-to-use shapes that are suitable for a range of applications, using our own original technology.

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Sales Pitch

Fossilized Coral Powder DONAN
Calcium nutrition functional food: nutritional supplement
Fortification, quality improvement, and taste improvement for general foods
Donan soil conditioner
Promoting the growth of microorganisms in soil
Increasing breathability, water retention, and fertilizer retention
Correcting acidic soil
Reducing/eliminating pesticide pollution

① As coral contains an abundance of unique minerals, it promotes the growth of microorganisms in the soil, the decomposition of organic matter,
 and it enhances the effect of fertilizer.
②Owing to its porosity, it provides excellent breathability, water retention, and fertilizing power, and it softens the soil.
 As the minerals it contains are well-balanced, it helps to produce crops that are resistant to toppling, cold damage, and pests.
③Fossil coral is strongly absorbent and can eliminate harmful substances such as heavy metal ions that are deposited in soil,
 thereby reducing the damage caused by heavy metals in mine-damaged areas. 
④ In addition, it can eliminate the basic problem of acidic soil and improve it to weak alkaline.
Urukaru foliar spray
Urcal is a coral calcium solution. This product activates plants by improving the efficiency of their calcium absorption.

Prevents calcium damage in crops.
Improves the quality and shelf life of the crops.
Improves the acidity and sugar content of fruits.
Urcal has the power to adsorb chemical substances.
Urukaru: Beef/pig Feed
This livestock feed is made from fossil coral that contains abundant nutrients and is easily absorbed.
Not only can it help to balance and efficiently supplement minerals, but porous fossil coral powder can be used to absorb and remove mycotoxins such as mold poison or 
heavy metal ions to keep livestock healthy.
The results are upgraded milk quality, increased milk yield, and improved reproductive performance.
Fossil Coral Filter Material DONAN
・Filter materials for improving the quality of water for drinking and industrial use
・Home/commercial water purifiers, functional pot filtration materials
Marine X water purification material 
Water purification materials for carp breeding (purification of water quality, stabilization of water quality, prevention of diseases, and enhancement of physical fitness)

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