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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:24

Ginza Second Life Corporation

We are a one-stop business start-up, targeted mainly at people in their 50s–60s. We provide a senior entrepreneurship support service to help live a 100-year life.

We help our customers' “second life” business to get smoothly on track. We aim to be a company that is trusted and familiar to every customer we serve.  We provide one-stop support for various entrepreneurial support services, including information provision, network connections, office provision and clerical work, to respond to the requests of those who are preparing for entrepreneurship or those who have already started business. Specifically, this includes the following services.

(1) Entrepreneurship consulting and paperwork agency
We advise our customers on an individual basis regarding business plan preparation, financing, and sales channel expansion when starting a business. In addition, we provide incorporation and accountancy support when needed by prospective entrepreneurs. 

(2) Entrepreneurship seminars and entrepreneurial exchange meetings
We hold an entrepreneurial exchange meeting with about 100 people every month, to help our customers expand sales channels and build networks of business associates. We also hold management seminars 7 or 8 times a month.

(3) Rental office 
We provide low-cost offices to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who want to have offices in a convenient location at low cost. We have been operating 13 rental offices in 9 locations for approximately 10 years in Ginza, Tokyo, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Sakuragicho, Kawasaki and Omiya. Membership is more than 7,000 companies.

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Rental office “Entre Salon”
About Entre Salon management policies
We provide rental office space and facilities to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who want to have offices in a prime location in the city center at low cost.
About the facility features
Users can enjoy convenient services at low cost by sharing the equipment that is on offer at our facilities. The facility address can be used on company business cards and when registering companies. The facility can be used to receive and store mail and has many amenities available including dedicated lockers, internet access, and office equipment like multi-function peripherals, dedicated 03 telephone numbers/fax numbers, and telephone secretary service. In addition, the facilities can also be used as a space for business negotiations and seminars.
We take into consideration that costs can be gradually increased according to the growth stage of the company by an amount that does not burden the user's business and, if necessary, by adding optional services later.
About the strengths of the facility
(Use in multiple locations) One point is that the product can be used at all stores under a single contract. In these instances, there are no additional charges. It is extremely popular among our members.
(Registration allowed) Corporate registration is possible, and the usage fees will not change after registration. This is a strength of our company over other companies.
(Initial fee 0 yen) No initial fee, no examination fee, membership fee, and no agent fees. Only a monthly fee.  
(High media exposure) When the themes are spending a second life or living 100 years of life, we are often covered by the media. The media helps us to reach out to working individuals.
(Many awards) Our senior entrepreneurship support project was commended by the government. This was published in the White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises and the Annual Report on Health, Labor and Welfare.
(Many achievement of the lecture) We are often asked by local governments to give lectures on senior entrepreneurship. We have a wealth of experience and achievements in entrepreneurship.
(Advantages to residents owing to certifications) Ginza Entre Salon is certified as an “Incubation Facility Operating Plan Certification Business” by the Tokyo municipality. In addition, our Yokohama, Sakuragicho and Kawasaki Entre Salons are certified under the Yokohama City and Kawasaki City “Startup Support Business Plan”. This has the advantage that the founder/resident gets the right to apply for a grant that halves their license registration tax at the time of establishment.
Entrepreneur support service
About our abundant entrepreneur support services
People who start their own businesses at around the age of retirement can make use of our entrepreneurship seminars and entrepreneurship consultation services. We explain how to get entrepreneurial ideas and how to write business plans to encourage entrepreneurship.
Many people start their commercial activities by opening a business in our rental offices.




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