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Supporting industries with clean energy

We are a manufacturer of automatic controllers for manufacturing and selling high-frequency applied devices, and for manufacturing and selling labor-saving devices. We contribute to society through our induction heating technology, which provides clean energy. Our quenching, annealing, and shrink-fitting devices and other equipment based on high-frequency induction heating have been valued by customers in Japan and abroad for 40 years since our foundation.

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Realizing environmentally friendly industry with high-frequency induction heaters
What is high-frequency induction heating?
A heating coil is a copper pipe wound in a spiral. Applying high-frequency current through it converts the current to magnetic field energy, which generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field is absorbed by the workpiece (a body to be heated) arranged in the middle of the coil, and a current is generated on the workpiece surface. The current will then become thermal energy, thereby causing heat. 

One familiar example of high-frequency induction heating is IH cooking heating. We make use of high-frequency oscillators and quenchers to manufacture metal-heating high-frequency induction heaters. These products are delivered mainly to automobile manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers, heat treatment agencies, and other establishments.
Advantages of induction heating
Induction heating has five advantages as listed below. It is attracting attention as an efficient, clean method for cleaning.

- Low energy loss
- Provides local heating
- Provides clean heating
- Provides stable overheating
- Improves the working environment
The market for high-frequency induction heating
Induction heating can be applied to industries in various processes.

[Industrial heating]
- Billet heaters
- Shrink fitting
- Varnish drying
- Hot pressing

[Heat treatment]
- Quenching and annealing
- Various atmospheres
- Nonferrous metals

[Joining and welding]
- Brazing
- Soldering
- Pipe welding
- Sintering

[Crystal growth]
- Crystal pulling

- Nonferrous metal melting
- Vacuum melting

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