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Processing and sales of industrial rubber packing

We process and sell industrial rubber and sponges We own equipment that can handle everything from prototype to mass production, including cutting machines with a maximum processing size of 2160 mm x 1680 mm. We also focus on waterproof and dustproof technology, and are capable of proposing multiple plans to meet our customers’ specifications.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overviews
Business content/characteristics
We mainly manufacture and sell various industrial packaging such as half-cut, plotter-processed,and punched products, and we offer laminating and adhesive processing, handmade processing, sealing processing, and printed products. Our strengths are our ability to respond and our technical ability. For example, if a customer suddenly needs to have a manufactured product by the day after tomorrow. However, despite looking, they have been unable to find a company that is willing to take on the work. Our company is often able respond in these situations. In addition, we are fully technically capable of small-lot production such as trial manufacturing as well as detailed production using techniques such as hand-made processing. Of course, we have established a high-level management system by implementing various methods of quality control.
Overview of main products and technologies
Half-cut products are made using an automatic cutting machine to perform half-cut processing. We us precision Victoria-type single blades. For plotter processed products, Victoria-type punching is performed. We handle a wide range of materials such as CR, neo, SP, silicone, and urethane. For punch products, we perform precision processing using CAD input. We can also accurately reproduce complex shapes. We are able to cut thick materials such as sponge and soft materials. In sealing processing, liquid adhesives are applied by robots. EMI gaskets contribute to waterproofing and dustproofing, as well as cost- and space-saving
Message from the representative (initiatives for future market development and intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
As a pioneer of the times, we will always demonstrate our strength as a leader of change without losing our motivation to meet new challenges, and we will continue to improve our processing technology in ingenious ways and will always endeavor, even when we encounter difficulties. We will measure management innovation by the speedy decision-making and action that is our key feature. We will develop our individual powers and exhibit diverse personalities and will not lose our motivation to take on challenges as a leader in change. We will untiringly continue to make ingenious improvements in our processing technology and will overcome any difficulty or challenge.

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