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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:36


Our mission is to fulfill customers’ needs and help them reach their potential.

As we enter a new era of confusion, things are changing around us at a hitherto unknown high speed. We consider that innovation is now required at every level including the national, businesses and individual level. We believe this time of change provides a wide range of opportunities. We will seek to understand the true nature of complex matters and learn our future potential from this. We shall strive to achieve our future potential. All of our employees take pride in their jobs, and work together to acquire cutting-edge technology in a united manner, striving to consistently make progress.
To this end, we aim to create an environment where free ideas are born.
As times change, so do things that need to be manufactured. However, our passion and readiness for manufacturing never change even when the trends of the age and society do.
As we look to further evolve--
We look forward to your understanding and support moving forward.

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Sales Pitch

■Technical capabilities
Highly reliable technology to develop new products.
We aim to be a small development-oriented manufacturer marketing products developed in-house while also making commissioned development a pillar of our business.
【Hardware design】
We develop base boards to be mounted in a variety of microcomputers. We can handle a wide range of interfaces.
【Software design】
We develop a diverse range of software including applications, embedded software and server-side systems for PC, tablets and smart phones.
【Board design】
We offer quality designs can fulfill the various needs of circuit designers, board manufacturers and implementers.
【Mechanical design】
We design labor-saving devices, table-top robots and jigs/tools.
■ Manufacturing power
Our excellence in manufacturing allows us to create various items.
Meeting our customers’ needs for a single substrate to mass production, we make full use of our own plants as well as our network of subcontractor factories.
【Parts procurement】
We have purchasing power using our quality and cost control system and we procure from numerous manufacturers.
【Provision of processing services】
Machining and resin treatment using machining centers, milling machines and lathes; sheet-metal processing using laser beam machines and turret punch presses 
【Implementation of boards】
Implementation by machines and hand of SMT and DIP products
Coating work
【Assembly, wiring, tuning and debugging】
Mechanical assembly, control panel, mechanical wiring and mechanical tuning
■ International sales
In Japan and all over the world
Our aim is to be a manufacturer that is relied on throughout the world.
■ Commissioned development
Creation based on solid technical capabilities and advanced manufacturing.
*SCM (Supply Chain Management)
This is a management control method that streamlines and optimizes the whole process by reviewing the entire flow from suppliers to consumers. It can supply products to customers in a shorter time by reducing inventory and stagnant time at each step, including development, procurement, manufacturing, shipping and sales.

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