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Our bicycle or car parking system protects the local environment and ensures safety.

We are a manufacturer that produces and sells “Cyclune”, an environmentally friendly bicycle parking system. A mechanical system that does not use electricity as a power source has makes low cost and simple maintenance a reality.

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Sales Pitch

A bicycle parking system for the future, "Cyclune" is kind to people and environment friendly
Cycle gate
Smooth entranceways
 Our gate bars are supported by ball bearings and rotate very lightly; therefore, smooth passage through the gate is possible even in the morning rush hours.
Abuse prevention and management
 As the morning rush process can be performed without leaving the gates open, preventing unauthorized use without compromising proper management is possible.
 (No trouble when leaving the warehouse)
Safe passage
 Unlike motor-driven solutions, our product is rotated by human power and can be used safely without people being snagged or caught in the gates.
Entrance ticket machines
Integrated two-set ticketing device
 Being able to insert two rolls of temporary ticket roll paper makes it possible to automatically switch and continue issuing tickets even if one side runs out or fails.
Announcement function
 As the system is voice-operated, even first-time users can operate it without difficulty without hesitation.
We will also notify customers whose validity period is approaching.
Reliable management
 As the gate structure incorporates an entry-prevention system and a highly precise motorcycle identification machine, this allows proper management of vehicle type.
Exit payment machine
Contactless reading
 RFID cards and bar code tickets can be used as media and noncontact scanning extends the life of the equipment as well as greatly reducing the number of malfunctions.
 Smooth usage is possible owing to noncontact.
Announcement function
 As the system is voice-operated, even first-time users can operate it without difficulty without hesitation.
 .※We will also notify customers whose validity period is approaching.
Management functions
 Information management (counts, equipment status, user management, and vacancy management) can all be performed, allowing the work and information required for the management of a bicycle parking operation to be managed collectively.
 ※By connecting a management PC and coordinating with a security company, management can be enhanced and quicker responses are possible.
Two-wheeled vehicle identification machine
Accurately identify bicycles and bikes
 Bicycles and bikes can be identified simply by passing their front wheels through the system. Moreover, as it cannot be used illegally during entry or exit,
 this allows proper management of vehicle capacity.
Thin design that does not impede traffic flow
 Our thin design, with a thickness of 6 mm, allows for smooth flow of traffic without the need to use unnecessary force when passing through.
Customizable parking management
 We enable you to manage parking according to your wishes through features such as setting individual pricing for different vehicles using our highly accurate vehicle identification.
Periodic update machines
24-hour easy operation
 The update procedure can be easily performed by the customer by following the on-screen instructions. 
 Furthermore, since updates can be performed 24 hours a day, it is possible to provide services in the optimal time zone for each customer.
Management functions
 Full management functions including totaling, renewal history, and the creation stickers for expiry dates make it easy to manage regular sales.
Device status display
 Notifications such as out-of-change warnings, out-of-stock warnings, unauthorized entry warnings, and device abnormality flags are sent to the LCD screen and the management PC.
Periodical issuing machine
Ease-of-use and high operability
 Commuter passes can be scanned by simply placing the RFID card in a holder and using it to operate a touch panel.
Refund procedure support system
 It can be used to issue receipts and print totals as it is fitted with a printer
 The manager’s total sales work is reduced.
Equipped with a receipt printer
 Refunds of fees owing to unexpected cancellations can be made when requested.
 Problems such as over- and under-charging can be mitigated by counting by machine.
Individual lock
Easy-to-use racks
 High and low racks are arranged alternately and swing to the left and right, which makes it possible to put bicycles into the rack and remove them smoothly, even if there are bicycles on both sides.
Reliable organization and management
 As the racks have different heights, they can hold more bikes than regular flat racks by minimizing interference with adjacent handlebars.
 Bicycles can be prevented from falling over and can be organized at the same time by storing them in these racks.
Unauthorized use prevention structure
 A height difference between the parts that support the front wheels prevents toppling and allows compatibility with various tire sizes.
 High strength is achieved by bending and folding metal.
Centralized adjustment machines for individual locks
Excellent service function
 Various charge management functions, such as introducing service tickets, setting time zones and billing according to time, and cancelling charges are possible.
 “Subtotal/total output” and “equipment status display” can be managed by a settlement machine.
Theft deterrence 
 The customer can enter the PIN code to unlock the vehicle whenever they like and the correct charge will be confirmed when they leave.
Aggregation of management information 
 The connection to a separate management PC allows the display of information such as entry/exit details, information about long-term bicycle parking, set fees, free parking management, congestion information, and vacancy numbers. 
 This makes it possible to collect and output all of the information required to manage and operate a bicycle parking lot.

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