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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:56

Hayashigiken Co.,Ltd.

Designing and producing press molds

In an integrated fashion, we perform processes, ranging from processing metal mold parts to assembling molds, in our company. The purposes of the design are transmitted to the production site. The production staff produces mold parts by considering the accuracy required of each part, as well as the cost. The staff swiftly takes care of defects and correction. Our production control system allows the staff to immediately check conditions including material arrangement and the progress of parts processing on the spot. This is another strength of our company.

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Description of business
Designing metal molds
We, Hayashigiken Co., Ltd., design press molds in our company. 
Using CAD, our engineering team swiftly designs metal molds without wasting time. We examine and improve the structure of past similar articles to further improve the accuracy of metal molds day by day. Furthermore, since we have equipment that can link CAM data with raw data, we are characterized by the design which considers the quality and accuracy of finished products and which eliminates time wasted.
In-house trial
Each mass-production mold needs to be installed to a press machine and undergo trial operation. 
Hayashigiken Co., Ltd. is equipped with a 400-ton press machine and a 150-ton servo press machine. Before performing a trial operation for mass-production on site, we perform a trial operation in our company to improve the quality of the mass-production mold. Only then do we ship it.
After-sales support
Hayashigiken Co., Ltd. provides full after-sales support for the products that we have delivered. The support includes the replacement and/or repair of metal mold parts and the maintenance and/or overhaul of metal molds. 
We keep on providing support for the stable operation of metal molds that are used for a long period of many years.  
In addition, we use a 3D scanner and a 3D measuring machine to produce metal molds and parts without drawings, by referring to the actual articles. Please feel free to contact us since we would like to meet as many needs as possible.

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