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Latest update: 17/11/2023 10:33:13


We precisely meet clients' needs.

Since the foundation of TOTO METAL TECHNOLOGY, a comprehensive manufacturer engaging in precision heat-treatment processing, in 1964, we have been meeting a variety of needs. Especially, as for vacuum heat-treatment processing, we are equipped with Japan's best pieces of equipment, and our technical capabilities are highly evaluated.  
-We carry out heat-treatment processing with a client-centered attitude. (We are able to meet requests for producing and delivering products as soon as possible and for producing products on holidays.)  
-We are a company that challenges sophisticated heat-treatment processing.
-We happily discuss with clients about not only heat-treatment processing, but also the preceding and subsequent processes (such as material selection and machining).


Sales Pitch

Processing services of vacuum heat treatment、vacuum brazing、annealing and HIP treatment
HIP processing (hot isostatic pressing)
HIP processing is heat treatment in which an object is heated in a high-pressure environment in which the pressure medium is a gas such as argon gas. We use an HIP furnace whose pressure vessel incorporates a heating element that heats an object. Synergistic effect caused by high isotonic pressing derived from a high temperature (the max. usage temperature: 1,400ºC) and a gas (the max. usage pressure: 147 MPa) similarly presses the product. This leads to effects such as the sintering of powder, a diffusion bonding of homogeneous or heterogeneous materials, and the removal of defects inside the product. 
The main purposes of applying HIP processing are as follows: 
-Removing defects inside cast products, sintered products, and metal lamination molded articles  
-Diffusion bonding of homogeneous or heterogeneous materials
Vacuum heat-treatment processing
Vacuum heat-treatment processing is a general term for heat treatment in which an object is heated in a vacuum (a depressurized state).
Our company uses inner-heat type vacuum furnaces in which an object is heated by the heating element installed in the vacuum vessel. The object is heated in a certain degree of vacuum, around 1.0×10-2 Pa, and then cooled down in the vacuum in the furnace or swiftly cooled down by high-purity inactive gas. Thus, in each heat treatment process, the above processing method results in heat-treatment processing that does not cause oxidation, decarburization, carburizing, etc. and that leads to the production of products with excellent external appearance quality. We are equipped with three vacuum furnaces, whose sizes and structures are different from each other, to process a variety of metal materials.
Revitalize engineering
3D measuring device (3D scanner)Size φ300×H200mm
Machining center Size W1300×D600×H570mm
3D printer Size W330×D320×H250mm



Other presentation

【Quality management system】
ISO 9001:2015 (Main Plant: certified October 2023)
JIS Q 9100:2016 (Main Plant: certified October 2023)
Scope of Registration
Processing services of vacuum heat treatment、vacuum brazing、annealing and HIP treatment

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