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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:22


Rising to the challenge of difficult-to-process materials and cutting-edge technologies

We offer a new construction method with extra deep drawing press technology and high accuracy injection molding technology. Adopting extra deep drawing technology using transfer pressing allows us to reduce costs by minimizing the number of parts and improve airtightness (seamless).

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Delivering “safety” and “security” with technology developed in the automobile industry
Unbeatable press processing
Modifying construction methods using extra-deep drawing technology
Adopting extra-deep drawing technology and improved airtightness through seamless construction enables us to realize cost reductions by reducing the number of parts needed.

[Process reduction]
Our integrated molding eliminates the risks associated with strength enhancement and weld peeling, improving quality and reducing costs.

[Difficult processing]
Consistent quality can be achieved using a die and mold structure that does not cause cracking, even when the folded part is folded at more than a right angle.
Two drawn products can be joined by crimping during pressing. 
We manufacture products that require high-dimensional accuracy of 1/100 with TF using our cylindrical drawing technology, and we have achieved high quality and productivity.
Stainless steel is renowned for being more difficult to draw than iron.
We have a wealth of experience and technology in drawing, and have a proven track record in drawing stainless steel (SUS443J1), which is difficult to process.
Just-in-case welding process
We have various types of welding facilities, including projection welding, spot welding, and arc welding (CO2, MAG, and TIG), and we offer in-house manufacturing of welding jig designs and manufacturing for high quality products. 

Projection welding is resistance welding in which a protrusion is added to one component, which is then pressed and melted by the heat generated when a large current is concentrated on it, forming a weld between the components.

Spot welding is resistance welding in which two pieces of metal to be welded are sandwiched between upper and lower electrodes, and a large current is applied under pressure to heat the material, causing it to melt and join.
The line designed by our company is linked to the spot welding robots and jigs we also design in-house, and we are able to produce the high-precision products that are unique to fully automatic robot manufacturing. 
Discerning resin molding
[Molded product assembly]
We perform consistent welding and airtightness testing for multiple moldings.

[Fusion products using metal and resin]
In addition to our main metal pressing, we also mold resins.
Through the fusion of both materials, we are able to offer shapes that cannot be achieved using metal working with resin molding alone, which helps us to achieve weight reduction in the product. 
We have achieved weight reduction by fusing metal and resins.

[Mirrored surface molding]
This is used in parts for Blu-ray discs.

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