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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:21

OHSUZU Co., Ltd.

A proposal-based monozukuri craftmanship company that specializes in integrated production

A metalworking manufacturer that produces high-performance torque hinges. High-precision products can be ordered from small lots with ultrahigh precision caulking facility.
Moreover, we are fully equipped with a general-purpose assembly line and are capable of handling high quality from sub-assembly to assembly of mechanical parts. We are currently evaluating high-quality polished torque hinges. 

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Sales Pitch

Assembly products
We are proud of our solid market position and our proven track record as one of the few hinge manufacturers in Japan to produce high-performance torque hinges. As our mechanical design department specializes in design and development, we are able to respond to any order from our customers from small lots of a few units to large lots of tens of thousands of torque hinges.
Some of our torque hinges are simple;however, there are big differences between their performance. It is a unique feature of our company that we are able to produce high-performance, easily flexed hinges to order.
We have recently installed a “servo spin caulking machine” that is capable of ultrahigh precision caulking.

Variety of assembly
Our general-purpose assembly line enables us to handle a wide range of orders from simple subassemblies to full-scale assembly of mechanical parts. Our caulking technology in particular has been well received for its high quality torque hinge polishing.
One feature of our company is that we can handle everything from material procurement to pressing, cutting, surface treatment, auxiliary material procurement, and assembly.
Of course, we are able to respond flexibly to simple work orders such as sealing and screwing or just inspection.
Pressing products
Progressive pressing products
We offer the most suitable progressive pressing methods for controlling production costs from 35 t for super precision to 200 t for large molds. Please leave large lots to us.
Iron type : 0.2–4.0 t
SUS type : 0.1–3.0 t
Copper type: 0.1–3.0 t
Aluminum type: 0.2–4.0 t

Single products
Single-shot pressing that can flexibly handle small lots enables production of a wide range of products at low cost, regardless of whether they are thin, thick, large or small.
Iron type : 0.2–6.0 t
SUS type : 0.1–4.0 t
Copper type: 0.1–4.0 t
Aluminum type: 0.2–6.0 t

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