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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:03

Mobile Robot Research Co., Ltd.

Through the proposal and development of robot systems, we aim to realize a safe and prosperous society.

Through robot technology, our company will bring ideas into being, and help to realize a safe and secure society. Additionally, we will always offer advanced, highly reliable products to achieve a prosperous local community through robot development.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our company develops wheel-type, crawler-type, and leg-moving robots according to the driving environment and road surface conditions. The robots are equipped with various sensors and manipulators necessary for the particular intended use and are developed with specifications that meet customer requirements. We design, prototype, and sell robot systems, sensor systems, and manipulators from one unit, ensuring compliance with customer specifications. We also provide appropriate maintenance and inspection services as necessary for the robot systems, and new improvements such as upgrades to controllers and software. Besides this, we undertake infrastructure inspection services using robot systems and gather essential information while building useful and easy-to-manage databases to provide one-stop operation services.
Product/technology outline
For disaster response robots, we can meet your expectations with proven performance, reliability, and technologies gained from facing difficult disaster situations. As for the Inspection robots at factories that handle hazardous materials such as petroleum plants, we support the safety and security of robots by creating accurate inspection data and databases while ensuring their intrinsic safety designs. Finally, our research robots, backed by highly reproducible experimental results, have been adopted by university laboratories and test research institutions, contributing to unknown environments and the creation of discoveries and knowledge.
About business matching
Our company is a manufacturer that develops and sells robots in a field called service robots. There are two types of service robots: One is the 'medical, nursing, and life support robots,' such as wheelchair robots and rehabilitation support robots. The other is 'disaster-response robots' such as rescue robots and information gathering robots that play critical roles in the event of a disaster. Service robots are designed to serve humans, so they must have fundamental safety features as well as essential safety design. It is our wish to bring the kindness and sincerity of Japanese people to the world in the field of service robots.

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