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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:18

Miki Electric Co., Ltd.

Fully equipped “monozukuri craftsmanship” 

We are a company engaged mainly in the manufacture of OEM products such as power electronics control devices and power system simulators. We also offer our own original products. including pulse generators.

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Original products
Pulse generator
 A specialized pulse generator for IGBT switching tests. This is a device that switches power semiconductor elements such as MOS-FET, power thyristor, and IGBT. We offer various types of pulse generator, depending on the customer’s usage environment.
 Our patented pulse generator “PG4 Air” acts as a switching element switchgear for high-voltage circuits for power electronics circuits. (PAT. 6517624)

[Features of PG4 Air]
 This product is used as an original oscillator for semiconductor switching tests such as IGBT. The pulse generator’s ON/OFF cycle time, number of ON-OFF cycles, and the number of times to repeat the program can be set and the machine can be operated by anyone easily using wireless. As the generator is operated wirelessly, there is no risk of electric shock. In addition, as the power supply is a battery, it offers superior isolation to other products that are currently available (PG4 and PG4 4CH).
 The minimum pulse width can be set from 0.1 μs to 999.9 μs in 0.1 μs increments.
Visual teacher PRO (image manual software)
“Visual Sensei PRO” is a software that uses a Windows® tablet or a personal computer to show the work procedure as a still image for the purposes of standardization. As the work procedure is prepared and displayed as a still picture in a picture-story style, anyone can use the same procedure, contributing to monozukuri craftsmanship with stable quality and reduction of teaching time.
[Application examples]
As a manual for assembly work 
 By standardizing the work and unifying manuals, it is possible to eliminate variations in operator procedure. As the user touches the screen of the tablet, it guides them step-by-step in a picture-story style, so even inexperienced people such as new hires and part-timers can provide work, and everyone can manufacture using the same procedures, which reduces the emphasis on worker quality. Stabilized quality contributes to productivity improvements.
As an inspection/inspection check (daily/monthly inspections)
 Inspection work can be easily carried out in facilities by simply touching a tablet screen. Check marks are recorded in real time as the user touches the screen of the tablet. If necessary, when the existing inspection/inspection report produces Excel data, the results can be printed.
As a measurement record
 Entry of measured values is supported. Furthermore, it is possible for the system to evaluate the entered characters and numbers. If there is an abnormality in a measured value, it will be displayed as an error. Unless the correct value is entered, it will not be possible to proceed, which makes it possible to prevent errors from worsening. (The evaluation values can be set as needed)
As a tool for new hire training
 By utilizing Visual Sensei PRO, the burden on both the “teacher” and “student” can be reduced. Even inexperienced people such as newcomers can easily begin work, which reduces the emphasis on worker quality and shortens training time.
As a technology transfer tool
 We want to pass technology on to the next generation, but there was no way to do so. Creating paper-based manuals has not worked well in the past. Using this product, it is possible to take pictures with a digital camera and digitalize them to pass on the experience of skilled workers to the next generation. In addition, the use of still images means that the next operation is not cued until inexperienced workers understand the still image, and then either touch the screen of the tablet or press the “Enter” key on the keyboard. This allows learners to better understanding as they progress, which is a key feature of this product. 

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