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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:18

Mitsuhara Kougeisha

Mitsuhara = “technical ability” x “human power”

We can process anything that can be printed on or engraved. Our one-stop system for metal plates, engravings and printings, enables us to respond to a variety of needs, from trial manufacturing to mass production.

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Precision sheet metal
If you can provide us with a single drawing that includes panel and angle housing, we can use everything from laser processing to bender and welding (aluminum /iron/stainless steel) to produce the product with high quality and quick delivery.
Engraving, laser engraving
Our craftsmen, whose technical ability in engraving processing is combined with dependable technology, are the best evidence of our many years of achievements. We can handle various shapes and sizes, as well as flat plates and boxes, with a wide variety of production methods such as mechanical engraving and NC engraving, for various metal and resin products.

Resin processing
 We also offer various types of processing such as adhesion, welding, bending and hole processing.
Laser engraving
 We engrave letters, illustrations, and photo data on acrylic materials, glass products, wood products, and leather products.
Silk printing, UV printing
We can handle everything from the production of original plates in batches of one unit to high-volume products with quick delivery times. Please contact us for anything from single-color printing to multi-color printing.
In addition to silk printing, we also offer UV printing, which implies that there are more options available for various purposes.
We also offer printing that is tailored to materials such as resin products.

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