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Connecting the Core and the Heart

We develop, manufacture, and sell comprehensive core technologies in the fields of electrical and electronic equipment. Our processing ranges from wire manufacturing to various kinds of wire harness processing, as well as connector design and manufacturing.

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Uniqueness is what makes a product.
We handle a range of processing. Our products include infrastructure-related equipment like telephone wires, as well as signaling, control, and instrumentation cables. We handle connection lines like electrical cables for equipment wiring, home appliances, office automation, and telecommunications equipment. We also provide connection lines for electrical appliances and assembly of electronic components. We can flexibly respond to the requirements of any order by making use of our foundational technology centering on lines. We have also established a production and supply system that can satisfy demanding cost requirements on a just-in-time basis.
We pursue a unique, fully creative approach to R&D while actively promoting technological development in fields adjacent to our core technologies.
Product Descriptions
(1) Outdoor telephone lines
Our outdoor telephone lines have been adopted by NTT, and are used as lead-ins from overhead cables to buildings. They are also used in INS-64 as digital lines for multimedia needs. 

(2) Signaling, control, and instrumentation cables
These cables are used in equipment such as railway signals, safety and ATC systems, office equipment, measuring tools, and medical devices. Our equipment cables are designed and produced to satisfy the needs of our users and environmental requirements. 

(3) Electrical cables for equipment wiring
These UL/CSA-standard equipment cables are used for internal wiring and device-to-device connections. We offer environmentally friendly halogen-free electric cables and lead-free batteries, and our ordinary products are also free from heavy metals such as cadmium. 

(4) Wire harnesses
We have an efficient production system for everything from small circuits to large articles, including OA equipment, communications equipment, computers, large televisions, and automobiles. We are always working to reduce costs and lead times. 

(5) Cable products
Our cables satisfy the needs of an increasing variety of product types and specifications. They are used for PCs, computers, POS registers, connection cables for various information systems, MIL-spec D-sub connectors, and connectors with 1.0 to 2.5mm spacing between pins. 

(6) Crimped cable products
Widely used in digital equipment such as TVs, video recorders, audio devices, CD players, and DVD players. Compatible with connectors used by every domestic and foreign manufacturer. 

(7) Products with insulation displacement contacts
UL and CSA standard cables shielded with insulation displacement contacts. These quality, low-cost products have earned acclaim through their use in many electronic devices. 

(8) Assembled boards
We handle an increasingly wide variety of wire harnesses, as well as everything from design to assembly of circuit boards that connect to them. We satisfy user requirements for quality, cost, and delivery by offering single- and multi-layer boards, and we produce all the component parts in-house.

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