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We are a group of professionals with a wealth of heat-treatment equipment, which we have been building up for more than half a century

The craftsmanship of our batch and makes us capable of a wide variety of heat treatment that brings together our traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. We are equipped with a dolly-type batch furnace capable of producing all shapes ranging from large to deformed items. We also possess some of Japan's largest oil and water tanks, and can exhibit stable cooling capacity.

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Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and features
We address customer needs with our in-house equipment, from heat treatment to machining, ultrasonic testing, and machine testing. Major cost cuts in thermally refining round bars and manufacturing long shafts are made by means of a barrel-type continuous heat treatment furnace. We use our own continuous furnaces and various batch furnaces in heat treatment to satisfy a wide range of needs. We satisfy various customer needs in machining, including large BTA machining, long-length lathe machining, and machining of difficult-to-grind materials. We can make use of our various kinds of machining equipment for one-stop manufacturing of products.
Overview of main products and technologies
Our original barrel furnace is designed to continuously heat-treat round bars and pipes while turning them. It heats and cools materials equally, thereby inhibiting bends due to heat treatment. This makes bend correction after heat treatment unnecessary, and inhibits bending during machining, which helps achieve high quality, low costs, and short lead times. We are experienced in products including vehicle-purpose motor shafts, shafts for wind power generation, ship-use fuel rails, boring of spectacles, molds for centrifugal casting, very high-pressure piping for chemical plants, piston rods for hydraulic presses, stern shafts, and excavation parts.
Toward matching
We serve as a part machining coordinator providing one-stop management of all processes from material procurement to finished products. Our company can serve as a coordinator for the bothersome management of all processes ranging from material procurement to heat treatment, machining, various inspections, final inspection, and finished products. You will not have to deal with bothersome handling once you have left everything to us, and you can anticipate major cost reductions by relieving yourself of waste in delivery and other transportation fees. We will provide complete support with our outstanding expertise and fully flexible proposal abilities.

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