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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:36

Kadiwaki Color Works

Coating mass-produced products

Our company performs mass powder coating with rich colors and a strong sense of design. We plan the entire coating process according to customer needs.

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What is powder coating?
Powder coating is a coating method in which powdered paint rather than liquid is attached to a surface using static electricity, then baked in an oven and cured. 
This is used in the West and other countries around the world as a beautiful coating that is also better for the environment because it uses no organic solvents. It does not contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so it has also been adopted as a body-friendly surface treatment method for medical devices and welfare equipment.
There are three main types of paint resins, each of which is appropriate for particular situations.
(1) Polyester resin and high-weather-resistance polyester resin
(2) Epoxy polyester resin
 For indoor use
(3) Acrylic resin (clear)
*Powder coating can accommodate a variety of metal products.
Use examples
Metal building materials such as facades and wall layer materials. Metal industrial equipment such as traffic lights and ticketing machines. Metal artworks such as monuments and sculptures. Products such as street furniture, bicycle wheels, bicycle frames, etc. Furniture and tabletop accessories, and so on.

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