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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:08

Yanagisawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

We solve difficult problems through our one-stop service that includes material procurement, processing, and surface treatment.  We are a proposal-based company. 

We precisely control processing machines and methods in-house, including lathes, milling machines, wire cutting, electric discharge machining, and grinding, and we can accommodate other processes such as welding, buffing, wrapping, and plating through our skilled subcontractor factories.  All eight of our machines have characteristics that differ from each other. We select the most suitable machines for diverse processing requirements, such as deep cutting, fine processing, and complex processing.  Moreover, we will design new jigs if necessary to make the impossible possible.  We are capable of 3D design. We are also capable of five-axis processing.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
We perform precision processing of precision device parts, semiconductor production machines, medical analysis device parts, and aerospace-related parts.  Our main strengths are milling, MC, lathing, electric discharge machining, wire cutting, and grinding of molded pieces.  Materials that we can handle include iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloy, molybdenum, inconel, M2052, titanium, tantalum, and permalloy.  The equipment we own includes machining centers, Makino milling machines, form grinders, and lathes.
Overview of main products and technologies
For milling, we select the most suitable machine for diverse processing requirements, such as deep cutting, fine processing, and complex processing.  In lathing, we focus on the processing that is unique to general purpose lathe and mainly accept orders for single pieces and small lots.  We have large, medium, and small equipment, and we can select a machine that is suitable for the size of the workpiece. The electric discharge wire cutting we perform is conducted using a die-sinking electric discharge machine and a wire electric discharge machine. In molding grinding, we can finish each surface in relational precision within 0.01.  We can also make drawings of, produce and repair parts for retro machines. 
Message from the representative (efforts to develop future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
We believe that the significance of the artisans who understand the property of metals, select the optimal processing method, control the tools, and finish the products will never change, no matter how advanced manufacturing methods software becomes.  In addition to learning the latest technology, we continue to ensure succession and improvement of traditional skills to sincerely pass on the handcraft-based tradition and pride of our small factory's artisans. At the same time, we utilize our network of skilled artisans and companies with specialized skills that we have been building since our establishment to offer our services as a knowledge source for metal processing.  We look forward to your continued support and custom.

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