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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:14

Peacock Element Manufacture Inc.

We protect clean air through our research and development of filter elements

We specialize in the research and development of filter elements and develop products including oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters and special filters. Our popular products include "Spiral Filter" that enables reduction of fuel consumption and the fuel saving protector "Prefilter".

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Peacock elements provide good quality
We have developed special filters in collaboration with Shinshu University
We developed filters that block odors using functional fibers in collaboration with Shinshu University.
We deliver innovative products with open innovation.
Achieving twice the service life with spiral filters
We converted the advanced technology developed for power plants to land vehicles, and succeeded in doubling the replacement cycle of the air element.
Due to its long life and low clogging, the intake volume is always optimally secured and [reduction of fuel consumption] is achieved.

Spiral melt technology prevents the effective area from dropping due to the sticking of filter media so that the effective area was maximized. At the same time,  we could increase the number of inserted filter media.
With a long life and less clogging, intake volume is always optimized and fuel efficiency improved.

■ [Commitment] to air elements

We are aiming to improve the service life of vehicles and reduce fuel consumption, which are the biggest issues in the transportation industry through research on filters.

For the air element manufactured by us, we utilize the results of delicate research through numerous experiments for one [folding angle] and [folding number] of filter media in order to improve fuel efficiency and pursue a long life. The spiral filter developed this time has been devised to maximize the effective filtration area even at fixed angles and fixed intervals.
Our latest technology cultivated in all industries using filters is utilized.
"Prefilter", a fuel saving protector
The fuel-saving protector "Prefilter" is made of a specially developed non-woven fabric, and its pressure loss is close to zero and the filter blocks 90% of the dust. In addition, since the service life of the air filter is extended several times, industrial waste is drastically reduced, inventory burden is reduced and CO2 is also reduced as a result of improved fuel efficiency. You can replace protectors every few months. 
If you have time, you can wash, clean and reuse the old protector.

The following problems occur even if the conventional air filter blows with a compressor to clean the clogged state:
 1. The filter is not cleaned
 2. Dust in residential areas causes pollution
 3. It is difficult to wash with water
 4. Larger units cost more than 10,000 yen so it is difficult to replace these units. The clogging increases fuel consumption and causes an invisible increase in costs. At the end of the process, the dying filter was discarded and replaced.

The above problems can be solved in one fall swoop by using the fuel-saving protector "Prefilter".

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