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Contact us for production of special-purpose gears from prototype making to volume production in small to medium-size lots

We satisfy customer needs for special-purpose gears, hobbing machine repairs, replacement of gears, and repairs of gear-equipped components. 

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Our company's strengths
High-precision gear machining
Our company founder and representative Kiichi Saito worked for a gear hobbing machine manufacturer. This is why we can adjust hobbing machines in-house and constantly keep the machines in good condition, so we can always satisfy customer needs for high-precision gears. Recently we have taken on orders for gears for medical equipment.
In 2016 we introduced a CNC gear tester* to improve the efficiency of post-machining inspection work which had largely relied on the intuition of the workers. We are also working to shorten lead time and reduce costs.
*A CNC gear tester is a machine that measures tooth profile, trace, and pitch to output the measurement values as a report.
Lead times shorter than other companies
Gear inspections had been outsourced in the past and took one week to be completed. It has become possible for our company to perform gear inspections in-house with the introduction of a CNC hobbing machine and CNC gear tester. This is why it has become possible for us to make prototypes and handle development in a shorter time.  
Unlimited materials 
We manufacture various gears without limits on the materials, and have experience in manufacturing resin and paper gears as well as metal gears. We can achieve this as a result of trying to satisfy the requests of many customers.  
Iron: S45C, SCM, SK, SUS304, etc.
Non-ferrous: C3604, A5056, Ti, etc.
Resins: POM, PP, PC, etc.
Other: paper, etc. 
Repair of hobbing machines
What is a hobbing machine?
A hobbing machine is a type of gear cutting machine used in gear manufacturing. It forms gear teeth while rotating a blade called a hob.  
Hobbing machine adjustment and repair
It is essential to adjust and repair hobbing machines to improve the precision of gears or to use various materials. There are few manufacturers who can adjust and repair their hobbing machines in-house. It is necessary for most gear manufacturers to outsource the adjustment and repair of their hobbing machines.
Our company's representative director Kiichi Saito once worked at a hobbing machine manufacturer, so he has the knowhow to adjust and repair hobbing machines. We have been doing this work as part of our business. We can adjust hobbing machines at any time during manufacturing, so they can always be kept in good condition. This is why we can handle various materials, and achieve uniform quality without delaying delivery.  
Main repairs 
Adjustment of spindle and bearing tapered portions (On-site repair OK)
Adjustment of tail stock sliding surface and centering (On-site repair OK) 
Overhauling of no-stage transmission (On-site repair OK) 
Cutter shaft and spindle adjustment. 
Washer adjustment to fit cutter shaft clearance
* Both on-site repairs and repairs at our company are possible.  Please contact us for more information. 
* Replacement of gears and bearings as well as correction of oil leaks are possible. 
Repair and replacement of gears
For customers who want to repair worn or chipped gears  
It is generally said that it is difficult to repair worn and chipped gears because gears are functional parts. This is why it is necessary to re-fabricate the same design of gears if the gears are worn or chipped. Our company can handle such re-fabrication even if drawings of the gears are not available. We can manufacture replacement gears equivalent to the original ones by performing a function test using a testing machine.
Our company's fabrication of replacement gears
- Drawings are not a must. 
- We can provide gears equivalent to the originals by performing a function test using a testing machine. 
- It takes two weeks to one month for fabrication. 
- We provide the data for the replacement gears for the next repair/fabrication (if required). 
Track record with gear-related repairs
- Repair of parts produced overseas
- Replacement of gears of machines that are out of their support period
- Fabrication of replacement parts for machines that must be kept running

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