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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:33

SUDA Sangyo Corporation

Total production of food packages from planning to manufacturing 

Our company has a half-century of history and business partners throughout Japan. We supply 15,000 items of packaging materials for food, stationery, cosmetics, and so on to satisfy customer needs. We have established a development and production system that can satisfy each customer's marketing strategy and production plan. We also have a supply system to handle orders from Hokkaido to Kyushu, which takes full advantage of our advantageous location in the center of Japan. We continue working to strengthen our corporate structure to flexibly satisfy ever-changing distribution needs.  

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Sales Pitch

We satisfy customer requirements with our integrated production system covering all processes from planning and design to printing and bag making, as well as with our control systems and networks.
Our company's strengths 
Packages now need to satisfy different requirements other than packaging capability. This includes food safety and the like, design, environmental friendliness, and so on. Our company makes use of its strong, integrated production system and complete management system to flexibly respond to such requirements. We also satisfy customers needs throughout Japan by making full use of our comprehensive networks.
■ Strength No. 1: Strong integrated production system covering hygiene control and quality control.
We have concentrated all package production processes at our Ryuyo Factory, and designed traffic lines so that work progresses smoothly and coordination between processes can be obtained easily. The work environment is kept in good order so operators can concentrate on their jobs. The factory has become a truly fascinating place that boasts operators with a strong sense of responsibility and advanced techniques, as well as the latest equipment.
■ Strength No. 2: A complete management system
We satisfy social requirements for food safety and environment conservation.
We have established a high-level management system by obtaining certification from the national organization Flexible Package Hygiene Association. We are actively working on environmental issues to be a company that is friendly to the environment of our area as well as the global environment.
■ Strength No. 3: Integrated network
We have established a network to take care of customers all over Japan. 
We effectively receive and manage orders through four sales setups in Hamamatsu (Head Office), Tokyo, Numazu, and Osaka. We are working to establish an information system and management system that make it possible for us to satisfy customer requests.
Flow up to product delivery
(1) [Planning and design]
We have strengthened our system to quickly respond to ever-increasing demands for packages.
Our company's important mission is to provide high-quality, safe packages to be selected by customers and to satisfy their desires and expectations. We have established an integrated production system. The planning and sales division focuses on making proposals, with the design division and manufacturing division in charge of producing high-quality functional packages under an established quality system. We are also pursuing further improvement in our integrated production system to provide products with a quality level higher than what customers require, according to our quality policy that we must supply safe products to satisfy customer needs. We have acquired ISO 9001 certification.
■ Planning: We propose a plan elaborated and verified from all aspects.
We make proposals starting with basic design to satisfy design, function, and distribution-related conditions. A sales representative will visit the customer to understand the customer's needs and to make a proposal that is completely satisfactory to the customer. Each sales representative will be glad to work with each customer to create a perfect product.
■ Design and development: We propose and develop package material that is most suitable for the customer's needs.
We analyze functions, durability, and other factors and quantify the data to prove that the proposed packaging material is the best. We develop applications together with packaging material manufacturers by making prototypes and repeating tests for commercialization in a perfect and optimal condition.
■ Appearance design: We focus on creating an appearance that satisfies the customer's wishes and captures people's hearts.
Appearance is an important factor in developing a package according to a marketing strategy. We design the appearance of packages using computers and satisfy every customer request.
■ Artwork: We create drawings of packages.
We create data (design drawings) required in creating artwork to be used for gravure printing. We lay out text such as descriptions of materials, product information, and barcodes, with the aim of finishing products so they will be beautiful and easy for customers to read.
■ Production control: We control the entire production process from the start of production to shipping. 
We have established a centralized control system to manage all production processes up to shipping by concentrating all production processes at our Ryuyo Factory. The goal is for each job to make progress smoothly and swiftly. We check every detail to make sure there are no problems to satisfying the delivery deadline.
Flow up to product delivery
(2) [Plate making, printing, laminating]
■ Plate making: Quick responses using in-house plate-making equipment
We have established a plate-making system for smoothly commercializing our strategically created designs. We constantly work to improve productivity by introducing state-of-the-art equipment. This includes an electronic gravure engraving machine manufactured by Hell in Germany and an automatic warehouse system for storage and control of plate-making cylinders.
■ Printing: We satisfy customer needs with our company’s unique printing technology
We introduced gravure printing presses to flexibly handle increasingly diverse packaging materials, and multi-color printing presses to enable a variety of expressions.
We prepared a manual to properly understand customer needs.
Thorough quality control is performed so as not to allow any quality errors. This is done using an in-line inspection system to pursue higher levels of printing quality.
■ Laminating: We have introduced cutting-edge technologies to satisfy customer needs for better functions.
We employ two processing technologies: dry lamination and extrusion lamination. We have established a system to respond to all possible factors including the characteristics of the food to be laminated, cooking functions, and cost.
Products and equipment
Packages for the following products:
- Noodles 
- Bread
- Confectionery  
- Rice and cereals 
- Meat products  
- Dried food 
- Drinks
- Frozen food  
- Retort-pouched food  
- Pet products 
- Novelties
- Stationery
• Plate-making equipment
Gravure printing plates (cylinder rolls) are made by engraving small concave dents to create an image on the copper-plated surface of a metal roll called a cylinder. The tiny dents are called cells.
The color density in gravure printing can change depending on the depth of the cells on the plate, so its biggest feature is the high reproducibility of images like photographs with gradations. This is why this printing method is suitable for high-speed mass printing on films, and enables printing of various images from simple text to beautiful photographs.
We produce gravure printing plates completely in-house. We make use of the latest equipment for a plate-making capacity of 100 cylinders a day. 
• Printing equipment
- 8-color high-speed gravure printing press (equipped with a defect detector): 1 unit
- 7-color high-speed gravure printing press (equipped with a defect detector): 1 unit 
- 6-color high-speed gravure printing press (equipped with a defect detector): 1 unit
• Laminating equipment
- Dry laminators: 2 units 
- Tandem extrusion laminator: 1 unit
- Single extrusion laminator: 1 unit
• Slitting equipment
- Slitting machines: 5 units
• Inspection equipment 
- Inspection machines with defect detecting function: 5 units
• Bag-making equipment
- Presses for butt-seam bags: 7 units 
- Presses for three-sided bags: 8 units 
- Side welding machines: 3 units
- Zip attaching machines for stand-up bags: 3 units                             • Quality control equipment
- Gas chromatograph
- Infrared spectrophotometer
- Universal testing machine (tensile strength, pressure resistance, frictional resistance, piercing)
- Heat seal tester
- Bacteria laboratory
- Digital microscope

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