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We aim to be your local, small-scale factory. 

We offer mold making trial production of rubber products. These merits shorten delivery time and lower costs when a product goes into mass-production. We also support single item, small lots, non-Japanese standard items, and discontinued parts. We manufacture and design rubber dies and molds, and offer parts processing and jigs and tools.

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Features of Suzu Seiki
We can meet requests from single items and small lots upwards
“Please make only one item as a prototype...”
“I'd like to make some small orders...“

Please come to us with these types of requests.
Our specialty is the manufacture of single items/small lots that other companies cannot easily achieve.
No minimum number of pieces are required when placing an order. Suzuseiki can even manufacture individual items if the customer desires.

Parts that are difficult to obtain (discontinued)
Parts that have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are not available, non-Japanese standard products,
and unique products. Please contact us for these items. Suzuseiki will respond with confidence as a professional monozukuri craftsmanship manufacturer.

Request in the morning → Delivery is possible in the evening of the same day.
Urgently needed. Shortage of parts owing to to an order error. Although no problems were detected during the design stage, the part is of the wrong size and does not fit when you try to install it.
We also provide support for urgently needed items in such a scenario. If we receive an order in the morning, it is often possible for us to deliver the item that evening.
Please note that this is sometimes not possible, depending on the situation and the number of orders we are processing at the time.
We deliver trial manufacturing in rubber with quality that is equivalent to mass production.
When making ordinary rubber prototypes, it is common to manufacture molds by machining, casting, and 3D printers.
In these cases, there is often a difference between the quality (material, hardness, and shape) of the prototype and the mass-produced product.

Suzuseiki can achieve the same qualities in prototypes as mass production units by using molds in their production.

Available from 1 unit 
Making dies and molds for prototypes that can also be used in mass production makes it possible to perform trials (physical property tests and durability tests) with qualities that are equivalent to mass production units.
By making design proposals that take advantage of the properties of rubber from the concept stage and then making adjustments for potential concerns during mass production,
we can eliminate problems in advance.
→This will lead to shorter delivery times and lower costs during mass production.
→We can support machining, cast products and 3D printing.

Prototype delivery in three days is possible
Our experienced designers plan and develop parts drawings quickly. Design 0.5 days + mold making (1.5 days) + molding (1 day)

 The secrets of our quick delivery:
 Reduced processing time
  We make dies and molds by making full use of high-speed high-feed and low-speed high-feed production.
 Reduced post processing
  Over our many years of experience, we have established our own processing processes. This makes polishing-free steel processing possible.

Handling range 
 Materials: Natural rubber (NR), Chloroprene rubber (CR), Urethane rubber (U) and Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM)
    Nitrile rubber (NBR), silicone rubber (VMQ), and butyl rubber (IIR) and fluororubber (FKM)
 Size: 200 t for injection molding and 500mm for compression type 
Compatible materials
These are the main materials handled by our company.
Please contact us for anything other than that which is listed.

The material shape could be anything, including round bars, hexagonal bars, round materials, hexagonal materials, and pipe and plate material.

Compatible materials
 Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Tool steel
Cast iron
 FC15/FC20/FCD40/FCD55/Dense bar/Others
 MC nylon/Duracon/acrylic/paper bake/cloth bake/PVC/PEEK/others
C3602/C3603/C3604/material free from Cadmium/BeCu/CrCu/C1020/C1100/C2700/C3771/BC3/BC6/others

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ