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Sanko Bunseki Co., Ltd.

Supporting the environment as well as safety and quality management in monozukuri craftsmanship companies

We are a company that provides environmental measurement certification for water quality, soil and odor, and we offer environmental consulting.  As an odor measurement accredited office, we have the required human resources and environment for stable and accurate measurement of odor indices.

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■ Environmental measurement analysis 
Environmental measurement analysis
To confirm compliance with pollution prevention, other laws and regulations, and voluntary management standards and to better understand the environmental impact of business activities,
we offer measurement and analysis of factory wastewater, industrial waste, soot, and smoke.
Recently, to confirm compliance with environmental laws and regulations, to build an understanding of the current conditions when considering environmental improvement measures,
and to confirm and evaluate the effects of countermeasures once they have been applied, we are undertaking an increasing number of measurement consultations.

Target of measurement analysis
Water quality analysis
 River water/groundwater/ drainage/sewage/process wastewater
Soil/sediment analysis
 Soil/improved soil/reclaimed sand/river bottom sediment
Industrial waste analysis
 Sludge/cinder/soot/dust/waste acid/waste alkali/waste oil
Atmospheric measurement
 Exhaust gas and scrubber exhaust gas from environment/boiler/incinerator/melting furnace.
Noise/vibration measurement
 Environment/factory/construction work/road traffic
Odor measurement
 Odor levels around sites such as factories and stores or at water outlets
 Pesticides/dioxins/asbestos/Legionella bacteria/insulating oil PCB

Type 2 odor measurement-capable certified establishment
Our company was certified as a type 2 odor measurement-capable establishment on May 1, 1996, and has participated in annual odor measurement method quality control (cross checking) since then,
as we strive to improve our own quality controls.

Work-environment measurement
We contribute to maintaining the standards for work environments by performing measurements based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act. In recent years, owing to the newly discovered harmfulness in certain chemical substances,
the substances that need to be measured have expanded, and the number of workplaces that require environmental measurement is increasing.

Examples of substances that require mandatory work environment measurement
 Mineral dust/free silicic acid/asbestos dust/RCF dust
Specific chemical substances
 Chlorine/hydrogen cyanide/asbestos/hydrogen fluoride/chromic acid/dichloromethane/styrene/MIBK/ethylbenzene
Organic solvents

Measurement of chemical substances in indoor air
We mainly conduct surveys and measurements of aldehydes, which are volatile organic compounds that are present when public buildings are newly built or rebuilt.

Soil surveys
In addition to surveys based on the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act, we conduct surveys for voluntary management or risk management by businesses
and surveys for soil and groundwater that accompany real estate transactions. Our company is a designated research organization under the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act.

Environmental surveys/assessments
We predict the future impact of development activities on the environment, such as the construction of large-scale retail stores and industrial waste disposal sites, in terms of the diffusion of air and water pollutants and odorous substances and the presence of noise and vibration.
We also make future predictions about the impact on the environment of factors such as noise and vibration.
Quality and other analysis
We offer appropriate analysis based on information from our customers and in some cases on-site observation.
We also guarantee that the confidentiality of all information that is provided by our customers will be strictly protected. Please feel free to contact us.

Plating solution management analysis
To determine when to replenish plating chemicals in plating baths and when to update the entire plating bath,
we measure the concentration of the main component substance and the control index.

Analysis target
Plating solution
Conductive salt and anodic dissolution promoting salt
Metal impurities and trace components
Cyan, fluoride, and chloride ions
Components of electroless plating solution
Contamination in wastewater from cleaning

Cause investigation analysis
If foreign matter is found on a product’s surface, we perform elemental qualitative analysis on the foreign matter to determine what it is and 
gather information about the cause of adhesion. In this way, we are able to offer resolutions for defects that occur in quality management using chemical analysis methods.
When we perform qualitative analysis of foreign substances in our root cause investigations, we use fluorescent X-ray analyzers, scanning electron microscope-energy dispersive fluorescent X-ray analyzers,
and infrared spectrophotometers.

Analysis target
Metal ions
Conductive salt and anodic dissolution promoting salt
Metal impurities and trace components
Cyan, fluoride, and chloride ions
Components of electroless plating solution
Contamination in wastewater from cleaning

Surveys for facility maintenance
We mainly perform functional diagnostics on the following environmental types of facility. We then make suggestions for improvement based on our results.

Cooling towers: circulating coolant inspections, piping and filtration filter deposits inspections
Wastewater treatment facilities: Inspections of water quality at each stage of the treatment process, investigation of treatment status, and observation of aeration tank sludge microorganisms
Localized exhaust systems: inspection of wind speed controllers and regular voluntary inspections
Logistics solutions
Proposals for reducing environmental risks and costs
We make suggestions for reducing the environmental load through the proper management of the wastewater, waste, noise, and odor generated by monozukuri craftsmanship.
As an example, our wastewater treatment facilities perform a functional diagnosis while comparing the water quality measurement results for each treatment process with the facility design specifications and propose measures to address issues and make improvements.
In a factory’s internal environment, for example, proper management of oil mist and dust may be related to quality control; therefore ,we also devise proposals for the improvement of manufacturing environments.

Please feel free to contact us as we are ready to provide consultations. 

Wastewater treatment
Jar test for studying wastewater-treatment conditions
Test plant for the confirmation of wastewater treatment

Movable soundproof enclosures
Soundproof boxes for small portable generators

An oil adsorbent that keeps workplaces that use processed oils clean

Pipe repair material
Business registration
Measurement certification business Shizuoka Prefecture No. 144-6 (concentration)
Measurement certification business Shizuoka Prefecture No. 144-7 (sound pressure)
Measurement certification business Shizuoka Prefecture No. 144-8 (vibration)
Work environment measurement: Shizuoka Labor Bureau No. 22-21
Odor measurement certified establishment (Type 2) No. 242
Designated research institute in accordance with the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act (2003-3-1153)

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ