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Allow the earth to take a deep breath.

Ozone (O3) is a gas with an oxidizing power several times as high as that of chlorine, and is therefore highly effective in deodorization, sterilization, bleaching, and other operations. Another feature is that it have very little impact on the environment. Our systems based on an ozone generator help improve the environment through deodorization, sterilization, and purification.

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Introduction to our business content, products, and technology etc..
Our business content and features
We mainly develop and manufacture equipment for wholesaling fresh produce, cutting and selling it, and helping improving the environment (ozone generators and related products). With our environmentally friendly equipment, we conduct operations related to ozone and CCE, and develop ozone generators that are adept at deodorization, sterilization, bleaching, and other operations and develop deodorizers based on combustion catalysts. Our users include food-processing plants, factories performing cutting and using oil, garbage-processing plants, warehouses, stores and shops, homes for the elderly, offices, and other locations that have issues with odor generation..
Overview of products and technologies
Our ozone generators cover a wide range of ozone throughput from the order of mg/h to kg/h, thus providing products designed according to the scale of target facility, deodorization/sterilization intensity and target material composition. We also manufacture ozone water generators that turn tap water into ozone water. Our deodorizers use metal honeycomb catalyst to couple odorous material with oxygen through a catalyst combustion process free of NOx emissions, thereby making the odorous substances harmless. We also deliver ozone-type dust collectors/deodorizers that combine low-concentration ozone with negative ions. 
Toward matching
We respond to inquiries from businesses dealing with ozone generators about how to use such devices. We address issues that ozone generator owners may have about their correct usage, about good grounds for the explanation you give users about your ozone generators, about whether they are using the correct kind of equipment, and other issues that you may encounter once you have begun to handle ozone generators.

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