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Latest update: 13/01/2021 14:27:13

SysCom Corp.

We provide various unique sensors and measuring systems for temperature and humidity, acceleration, thermocouple, warping, tactility, wind speed, and radio. 

We provide products to a wide range of fields including automobiles, electronics, chemical/medical products, and new materials. 

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
We manufacture and sell devices to measure temperature and humidity, acceleration, thermocouple, warping, tactility, wind speed, and radio.  Our devices that measure temperature and humidity include the following: Ultrasmall temperature and humidity loggers, small rechargeable temperature and humidity loggers, multitemperature and humidity loggers, temperature/humidity/atomospheric pressure/inclination loggers, analog temperature and humidity output modules, 4ch analogue temperature and humidity outputs, and temperature and humidity sensor cables. Our devices to measure thermocoupling include the following: Ultrasmall multithermocouple temperature loggers, high-speed thermocouple temperature loggers, 920-MHz band radio sensor systems, and Bluetooth thermocouple transmitters. The devices that measure acceleration that we produce include the following: Ultrasmall acceleration loggers and radio gyro acceleration loggers. 
Overview of main products and technologies
Our tactile array sensors are capable of measuring low pressure such as pulses with high sensitivity and precision, and our waterproof sensor can measure water pressure. We offer three types of small exciters, namely, the general purpose type, the type for modal analysis, and the inertia type. They are ideal for modal analysis and vibration testing.  We also offer models equipped with amplifiers and frequency generators. In the resin field, we offer automatic polymer curing measurement devices and manufacture DEA dielectric analyzers/ion viscometers. These can be used in research and development, QA/QC, and at molding sites. 
Message from the representative (efforts to develop future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
Since our establishment, SysCom Co., Ltd., has been honestly accommodating our customers' requests, mainly through services offering various measurement devices and technologies that utilize unique sensors and measurement methods from both Japan and abroad. In addition, our goal is to contribute to the advancement of technology and society through our business.  Particularly, in the field of research and development in automobiles, electronics, chemistry, medicine, and new materials, we continue to work hard to provide solutions that can accommodate our customers’ requirements.  SysCom Co., Ltd., will continue to work hard to earn trust as a reliable partner for our customers and improve our value.  We look forward to your continued support and custom.

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