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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:20

SSU Co., Ltd.

We are specialized in development of the built-in system.

We provide total support for system development from circuit design of the built-in systems to development of application. We propose optimal solutions that meet customers' needs based on our experience in various sensor and control technologies.
In addition, we conduct research, development and mass production flexibly from a customer's perspective.


Sales Pitch

Smart Iot module (SDL-1)/ Development support service
The module communicates with target devices via BLE, USB, RS232C and we can easily enable  IoT with existing systems such as remote maintenance and data collection systems. In addition, log data including various sensor information can be stored in the internal flash memory and SD card, so the module can be used as a data logger.
This module can be applied to the following applications (including customization).
(1) Data loggers for measuring equipment
(2) Monitoring terminals for pets and domestic animals
(3) Remote control terminals for home appliances and equipment
(4) Control terminals for management of temperature and humidity in greenhouses and plants
(5) Terminals for monitoring and maintaining the status of heavy equipment and construction materials
By using it as a function evaluation board at the time of system development, increased speed of function verification and system development is expected by using this module as the board for evaluating functions during system development.
Built-in sensor: 9-axis sensor (xyz (acceleration, angular acceleration, magnetic))
       Temperature and humidity
Interface with external sensors (GPS, biosignals, etc.) is possible
Communication function: WiFi, BLE, USB, RS232C, SPI, I2C
Power supply: USB or external power supply (5V)
Memory: Flash memory (1GBit), SD cart can be installed
Dimensions: Case (124.3x67.3x22.5), board (60x80)
★ Engineers with extensive knowledge of both hardware and software propose an optimal system configuration.
★ From research and development to mass production, we respond flexibly with an approach that meets customer needs.
★ Support is available from where the customer's requirements are achieved, including the formulation of the required specifications. (Including the quasi-mandate contract )

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