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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:02

Nozomi Corporation

Please contact Nozomi if you have any problems with wireless module design

Our company designs, manufactures, and sells low power wireless modules specialized in 429 MHz bands. We also provide design services such as embedded systems, circuit design, and Windows application development.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Our main business lines are wireless module design and embedded system development. To be more specific, we design, manufacture, and sell low power wireless modules specialized in 429 MHz bands. We also provide design services such as embedded systems and circuits, as well as the development of Windows applications. Our company has various technologies necessary for embedded systems and offers optimal solutions. We will provide total support from the consultation before product planning to design, development, evaluation, and maintenance.
Product/technology outline
The chip antenna type and whip antenna type of the low-power 429MHz specific low-power wireless module conform to ARIB STD-T67 (specified low-power wireless standard). This product has obtained the technical standard conformity certification, so it can be used by incorporating it into your equipment without qualification or registration. Utilizing the advantage of  429MHz radio, it allows wireless communication over long distances without getting blocked by obstacles so easily. Besides this, we undertake the development of embedded systems, Windows applications, and hardware design as a design service.
About business matching
Since our founding, as an independent design company and a wireless device manufacturer, we have developed and manufactured electronic circuits, firmware, and wireless devices embedded in home appliances and industrial equipment. Our greatest strength is that we can develop the entire system, including hardware and software in-house. Another advantage is that we have experience and know-how from the development of many embedded systems in the past. In particular, we have advanced technologies in the wireless sensor network field. With the rapid progress of technological innovation and the progress of the fourth industrial revolution, networking and computerization in the manufacturing industry have become widespread, and various things have been connected to the Internet through IoT. We will leverage our accumulated technology and know-how to meet customer's needs and develop and provide wireless sensor networks and other products that enrich the industries and our lifestyles.

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