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Ultrasonic Laboratory

Ultrasonic consulting specialized in ultrasonic (propagation state) measurement and analysis

Our company helps develop products that use ultrasonic waves. We also develop original ultrasonic tester (sound pressure measurement analysis system) and offer consultation on measures against ultrasonic vibration and ultrasonic noises.

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Ultrasonic technology
Ultrasonic liquid circulation technology: Degassing fine bubble generation liquid circulation device
(1) Generate cavitation by squeezing the suction of the pump.
(2) The cavitation creates bubbles from the resolved gas.
The above is the state of the degassing liquid circulation device.
(3) When the concentration of dissolved gas lowers, the bubble size of dissolved gas becomes smaller.
(4) Adequate liquid circulation generates fine bubbles of 20μ or less.
The above is the state of the degassing fine bubble generation liquid circulation device.
(5) When the above degassing fine bubble generating liquid circulation device is irradiated with ultrasonic waves, the ultrasonic waves disperse and crush fine bubbles. When fine bubbles are measured, you will see that the distribution amount of nanobubbles is larger than the distribution amount of fine bubbles.
The above is the state of ultrasonic sound that is stable and controllable.

About ultrasonic liquid circulation technology
(1) A dedicated ultrasonic water tank (original manufacturing method) is used.
(The material may be resin, stainless steel, or glass.)
(2) Water tank installation
a. Dedicated components are used
b. The natural vibration, ultrasonic frequency, and output are optimized.
(The response varies depending on the acoustic characteristics of the tank.)
(3) The ultrasonic transducer is installed with dedicated components.
(The dedicated components limit the use situation of the standing waves, cavitation, and acoustic streaming.)
(4) A degassing/fine bubble generator is used.
(The standard concentration level for dissolved oxygen 5-6mg /l)
(5) The surface of the water tank and the ultrasonic vibrator is modified.

The above settings and the diffusibility of the fine bubbles ensure that the cleaning solution has a uniform state.
Ultrasonic waves propagate in a uniform liquid, producing a stable ultrasonic state.

From this state, liquid circulation control is performed to achieve the desired ultrasonic effect (propagation state).
(Our know-how is about attaining a uniform sound pressure distribution throughout the water tank and control the operation of ultrasonic waves, deaerators, liquid circulation pumps, etc.)
The target ultrasonic state is confirmed by sound pressure measurement analysis (ultrasonic tester).

The point is to balance between proper ultrasonic waves (frequency and output) and liquid circulation.
You can control the state of acoustic flow and acceleration effect caused by ultrasound, by setting an appropriate flow amount and speed for the liquid circulation and ultrasonic wave cavitation.

It uses the propagation state of ultrasonic waves that spread evenly due to the effects of the fine bubbles.
Ultrasonic tester NA, —an ultrasonic sound pressure measurement and analysis system 
Ultrasonic Laboratory (address; Hachioji, Tokyo) manufactures and sells Ultrasonic Tester NA (recommendation type) that make it easy to measure and analyze ultrasonic waves.

System Overview (recommended system: Ultrasonic Tester NA)

1. Price ¥ 194,400 (tax included: 8% consumption tax)

2. Package
•Dedicated probe for measuring sound pressure of ultrasonic cleaner  x1
•General-purpose probe for measuring ultrasonic waves x1
•Oscilloscope set x1
•Analysis software, instruction manual, various installation sets x1 (USB memory) 

3. Features (for standard specifications)

* Range of frequency measured (analyzed) 
(Specification: 0.1 Hz to 10 MHz)
* Ultrasonic oscillation
(Specification: 1 Hz to 100 kHz)
* Measures vibration on the surface
* Measures for 24 hours continuously
* Measures two selected points simultaneously
* Displays measurements in a graph
* Comes with analysis software for chronological data 

It is a measurement system with an ultrasonic probe. 
Attach the ultrasonic probe on the object for oscillation and measurement.
It detects various acoustic performances by analyzing the position, status, and elastic wave of the measurement data.
Ultrasonic probe manufacturing technology
From the usage data of the original product, Ultrasonic Tester, our company has developed an ultrasonic probe manufacturing technology that takes account of acoustic characteristics.

It is a new technology for the development of ultrasonic probe development, allowing for the use of a suitable ultrasonic wave propagation state for a particular purpose (measurement, oscillation, control).

It is a new technology for the development of ultrasonic probe development, allowing for using a suitable ultrasonic wave propagation state for a particular purpose (measurement, oscillation, control). In particular, our original nonlinear resonance phenomenon* control technology —a technique that uses the response characteristics of the combination of oscillation and reception — has helped increase the application of ultrasonic waves in new ways.

* Original nonlinear resonance phenomenon: Resonance phenomenon of ultrasonic vibration, in which the original oscillation control realized higher harmonics.

About specifications outline 
Measurement range: 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz
Oscillation range: 0.1 kHz to 10 MHz
Material: Stainless steel, LCP resin, silicon, Teflon, glass, etc.



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