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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:01

Science Solutions International Laboratory,Inc.

A group of experts in engineering and IT provides "products and solutions" that are beyond the expectations of clients!
Strongly supporting the utilization of IoT
Strongly supporting electromagnetic field technology

We solve problems of design and analysis on site, supporting the utilization of IT that is truly helpful.
Abundant know-how and numerous achievements in utilizing IT in the fields of engineering and science
Providing the IoT platform "Argoculus" and proposing processes from analysis to introduction and utilization of IoT
Supporting highly precise analysis as well as simple and convenient introduction and utilization of the latest IoT

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Sales Pitch

IoT platform, "Argoculus"
[Low cost & in 1 hour at the earliest] Preventive maintenance service
Connecting "things" in sites such as plants, construction sites, and offices with the Internet allows you to grasp, in a timely manner, conditions at the site from a remote place at low cost, providing you with new added value. Our IoT platform, "Argoculus", is a user-friendly platform for achieving the above connection. Connecting a sensor in a remote place with this product immediately visualizes device operation conditions as well as plant and office environments, and enables you to check whether such conditions and environments are healthy.
Allows for easy connection of various sensors
Dashboard that is freely configurable depending on your needs
Allows you to grasp and control the conditions at the site from a remote place, at low cost
Can be used for analyzing big data  
Science Solutions International Laboratory, Inc. provides services ranging from planning, building, as well as operating IoT systems to analyzing data in an integrated fashion, by utilizing various experiences in developing engineering IT systems.



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