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Integran, Inc.

Technology that improves usability

Our strength is power conversion technology. We are a developer and manufacturer of switching power supplies for special equipment (aerospace and defense, communication, broadcasting, automobiles, ships, railways, etc.), custom power supplies, industrial control devices and mechatronics devices.

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Switching power supply technology
Integran, Inc. has huge range of custom power supply technology, AC-DC power supplies, inverters, DC-DC converters, series regulators and high-voltage power supplies. Its technology is used in various fields such as aviation/space/defense, communications, broadcasting, automobiles, ships and railways.
We provide advanced design techniques and manufacturing technology that can support high reliability, vibration resistance, long life and usage in special environments,
and we can fulfill requests from our customers with our complete support system and many achievements in the field.

Custom power supplies
 We meet customers' requests by combining advanced design technology and the manufacturing know-how that we have cultivated over many years in the field of special equipment for aerospace and defense.
 We will meet your requests. 
 In addition, our proven maintenance, repair and support systems have earned the trust of many customers.

DC-DC converter/AC-DC power supply
 We sell and technical support for DC-DC converters made by Vicor Co., Ltd.
 As an example, we design cutting-edge microprocessors with low operating voltages and advanced power management that support dynamic load characteristics
 and supply them to our customers.

 Utilizing the know-how that we have cultivated over many years in special fields such as aviation and defense, we design special transformers that meet various customer needs, 
 and manufacture them for our customers.
Digital control technology
We provide OEM industrial control devices for image and video recording and security purposes to manufacturers of medical equipment, inspection facilities, and industrial equipment for applications such as image and video processing.
We can also offer mechatronics devices that apply this electronics technology and integrate it with mechanical technology.
We offer total proposals not only for printed circuit board design and mounting but also for device and product development and production.

Industrial control equipment/mechatronics equipment
 For general industrial equipment (medical, imaging, inspection, and transportation.) manufacturers, we provide OEM industrial control devices and 
 mechatronics devices.

Printed circuit board design/mounting
 We offer high-multilayer, impedance control, and printed circuit board design that is resistant to reverberation and noise.
 We sell and mount (assemble) high-current (thick copper foil) circuit boards, copper inlay heat dissipation circuit boards, and high-speed digital circuit boards.
 We are able to design freely with various functions, shapes, and colors available to meet our customers' requests. Arranging the housing in a compact form
 allows our products to be used in space-saving installations and wall hangings. Examples: Multipurpose payment machines, issuing machines with cameras, and multipurpose information terminal.
Living environment products
Integran, Inc. has cultivated our technical capabilities and manufacturing expertise until today, through the design, development, and manufacture of EMS such as switching power supplies and mechatronics devices.
Integran, Inc. contributes to society as a new manufacturer that aims to realize the green energy needed by the world for the realization of a sustainable, environmental society. 
One example is the provision and services of wind power generation systems, which are receiving attention as new form of energy and weak acid hypochlorous acid water generators that help create a hygienic environment.
Wind power system
 The technology used in our high-efficiency Windlens windmill power generation system was invented by Kyushu University, and it was adopted as a Ministry of the Environment Project for technology development to prevent global warming in FY2010,
 (a competitive research fund), and Integran, Inc. has developed in collaboration a wide-input power conditioner that can be adjusted to control widely fluctuating 
 power output. 
Power conditioner/grid resistor
 We engage in the development, manufacture and sales of power converters (power conditioners) for new energy sources such as wind power generation and 
 solar power generation. 
 In addition, we have developed a metal grid resistor that is suitable for high power discharging regardless of whether the power is AC or DC.

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