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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:34

Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd.

Solving issues on the shop floor is a source of ideas

Our company has had many experiences such as NASA deciding on a purchase in a few dozen minutes, and impressing Leica. We have applied our optical technologies from astronomy and space-related fields with an emphasis on R&D to develop part inspection instruments, surgical microscopes for neurosurgery, and so on. 

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Sales Pitch

Medical equipment
Neurosurgery (surgical microscope system)
Neurosurgery (surgical microscope system)
This product has been well-received because the focus of the microscope system does not shift even when the device is moved or shaken. This makes surgeries much easier. We have a 70% market share in North America.  
Main features 
• A wide range of working distances from 200 mm to 500 mm. 
• Adopted 8x zoom optical system having deep focal depth. 
• Compact design prevents interference between surgical tools   and the microscope. 
• Overhead stand enables the surgeon to approach the affected region from all directions.  
• Electric XY fine adjustment device operable by the hand grip and foot switch 
• Employs 300W xenon lamps for the main and standby light sources. 
Non-contact 3D measuring equipment
A standard system with excellent functions and high cost performance 
• Measuring range (X, Y, Z) = 150 × 150 × 10 mm
Optional Z = 110 mm
• Resolution (X, Y, Z) = 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.01 μm
• Solder volume (Measurement of solder volume/height from a three-dimensional shape)
• HD suspension (Swelling and kinking of an object that change when touched)
• IC patterns (Detailed shape over a wide range)
• Fingerprints (High-accuracy measurement without contact even for soft objects) 
• Hair (Measurement of even small changes)
• Diamond abrasive (Measurement of cutting edge shape and protrusion height)
• Cutting edges of insert tools (3D indication, cross-sectional dimension evaluation, and roughness measurement possible)
• BGA (Improved functions such as shape/height measurement and coplanarity evaluation)
Power generation with solar energy
Beam-down type solar heat concentrator 
We conducted R&D to develop beam-down type solar heat concentrators that use high temperature to generate energy, and environmentally friendly solar heat storage systems for greenhouses that use low temperatures of around 80 °C. The aim is to be an alternative energy source to heavy oil.  

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