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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:33

Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd.

From customer satisfaction to customer excitement

We manufacture and sell small-sized precision motors, motor drivers, controllers and electronic components, and so on. We have realized various kinds of motion control by making use of our unique technology to integrate a control system in a motor. Our sales staff directly visit customers to listen to their needs and efficiently customize a thorough process from design to manufacturing. We provide unique attentive care for each customer's needs as an independent company to offer optimal systems. 

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Our company provides high-precision motion control products that satisfy the needs of the times. We play an active role in advanced industries and enjoy high evaluations in various fields such as fluid control, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and semiconductors.
Applications for industrial machinery 
Reliable control that supports various industries evolving with the times. 
- Machine tools
- Chip mounters
- Automatic looms
- Dispensers
- XY stages
Applications for semiconductors
We offer high-tech control technology to support precision machinery that requires high accuracy 
- Stepper exposure equipment
- Etching equipment
- CMP equipment
- Dicing equipment
- Bonding equipment
- Probing equipment
Applications for valves (fluid control) 
We make use of our various fluid control technologies to support a wide range of industries.  
- Electric valve actuators 
- Automatic valves for buildings and houses 
- Electric valves to control air-conditioning refrigerants 
- Gas flow controlling valves for boilers 

Applications for medical equipment and analyzers 
We contribute to the development of state-of-the-art medical technologies by supplying precision equipment.  
- IV infusion pumps
- Automatic urine analyzers
- DNA analyzers 
- Dialysis treatment equipment 
- Measuring instruments for glasses 

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