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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:33

Optical Coatings Japan

We are bringing optical thin film technology to new domains

Our company has been working to improve optical thin film technology since its foundation in 1946. We have developed state-of-the-art technologies such as high-frequency plasma processing and ion processing. Products created through our outstanding optical thin film technology and reliable quality control system enjoy a high reputation and trust from a wide range of industries. This includes home appliances, telecommunications, biotechnology, and space development.  

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Product information
Anti-reflection coating
Reflection of light on the surface can be prevented and transmittance can be improved by forming a single-layer or multi-layer dielectric film on the surface of an optical material. Ghosting can be suppressed on optical elements.
Lenses, end faces of optical fibers, astronomical observation equipment, laser processing machines, optical elements, etc.
Dichroic mirrors
Dielectric multilayer films with different refractive indices separate light in any specific wavelength region into transmitted light and reflected light. This is done by making use of the phenomenon of light interference.
Fluorescence analyses, Raman analyses, medical treatment, laser beam machines, lighting equipment, head-up displays, etc.
Dichroic filters
Dielectric multilayer films with different refractive indices take out light of a specific wavelength by making use of the phenomenon of light interference, and blocking other light.  
Fluorescence analyses, blood analyses, medical treatment, lighting equipment, astronomical observation equipment, various analyses, etc.
Bandpass filters 
Bandpass filters can selectively transmit light of a specific wavelength by making use of interference of reflected light generated at the interfaces of thin films. The transmission band can be made narrower than that of the colored glass of absorption type or gelatin filters, which creates filters to provide extremely clear contrast. We satisfy customer needs for any wavelength, transmittance, stop band, and so on.
Fluorescence analyses, Raman analyses, medical treatment, monochromators, laser equipment, optical communication, astronomic observation equipment, etc.
Notch filters 
Flexible design: The filters can be designed to respond to any specific single wavelength or multiple wavelengths the customer requests.  
High light blocking effect: Light in the target wavelengths is completely blocked by the steep slopes and high reflection.
Low self-fluorescence: Self-fluorescence hardly occurs because the filters have an underlying layer made of synthetic quartz.  
High durability: The filter films boast high durability as they are made of high-density oxidized metal. 
High-quality images: Excellent image quality can be obtained as the films are processed to be less scattering. 
Laser beam sources, medical treatment, Raman processing, analyses
Linear variable filters
Optical filters that feature a linear, wedge-shaped, continuously changing spectrum. The wavelength to pass through can be changed by changing the position of the incident light.   
Dedicated film design: We custom-design the film according to the purpose of each customer.  
Compactness: The longitudinal dimension can be 10 mm or less in the case of a steep visible wavelength type.    
High linearity: The center wavelength is proportional to the longitudinal dimension with high accuracy.
High durability: The filter films are made of high-density oxidized metal, and are highly durable. 
Color meters, light measurement, monochromators, monochromatic ray source

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