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Producing special analogue electronic components and customized, small-sized high-voltage supplies

We are good at producing customized, small-sized transformers as well as coils and small-sized high-voltage supplies. We offer discontinued products of famous manufacturers and winding wire components that are no longer purchasable and that include customized transformers as well as coils. We offer the above products without modifying their shapes, or newly developed products which are based on the above products, the shape of which has been changed, and which have become purchasable again. In addition, we develop and produce various high-voltage supplies including small-sized ozone generators and igniters with standard or semi-customized specifications.

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Small-sized ozone generators (which can be customized)
Small-sized ozone generators which can be customized and produced 
This is a small-sized device integrated with an ozone generator. 
Its size is 61 x 28 x 17 mm, and the quantity of ozone to be generated is 1.6 mg/h (0.28 ppm). 
Applicable input voltage is 6, 12, or 24 V DC or 5 V DC (USB). This can be mounted in a small space for daily necessities or various types of equipment. 
We are now developing products tailored to the recent demand for bacteria elimination or deodorization. The products include ozone generators whose ozone generation quantity is increased (up to 7 mg) and portable ozone units equipped with a fan.


2.タイマー付小型オゾン発生装置 TOT720.pdf

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