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Latest update: 15/11/2019 14:11:36

TeraSolution Co.,Ltd.

Board OS development: an industry-first total package

We not only sell CPU modules, but also develop a package containing both module ciruit diagrams, source code, and board data . This is industry-first total packaging, in which customized boards specific for user specifications are provided at low cost with a short lead time. 

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Introduction to our business content, products and technology etc.
Business content and features
We develop, manufacture, and market CPU boards. Based on standard CPU modules, we customize carry modules for different users and help them develop Linux, Android, and other operating systems and applications. We respond to any request to develop, manufacture, sell, and maintain such software, including its application packages. Naturally, we accept orders merely for development without mass-production of products. To generate know-how related to our new devices, we constantly strive to stay ahead of our competition in developing cutting-edge devices.
Overview of products and technologies
We not only design stand-alone boards. We often start by designing mechanisms as well for their incorporation into our specialist housing. Our technology for inserting a board forcibly into clearances in situations where appearance comes first is one of our strengths. We have a wide range of experience in designing DRAMs, SATAs, and other high-velocity patterns with simulation and designs with VCCI/FCC. We are also highly experienced in developing WIFI equipment and other machinery with RF equipment incorporated in it as well. We thus have a strong track record that includes TELEC approvals and driver customizations.
Toward matching
Our most notable feature as a developer is that we design HW and operating systems simultaneously. HW developers have, from the start, specifications constantly in sync with OS developers and are able to proceed while also considering inspection jigs for use in mass-production. We view development in a broad sense, and proceed from the perspectives of both mass production and post-shipment maintenance. By using an effective network with both internal and external EMS, we address all needs from parts procurement and yield, to maintenance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any issues you would like to discuss..

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