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Latest update: 28/01/2020 10:49:16

Ultrasonic Engineering Co.,Ltd.

We are the history of ultrasonic technology.

We have produced many unique products by taking advantage of the uniqueness of our ultrasonic technology, and taking advantage of peripheral technology required to support it. Our ultrasonic products are born from our unique technology and constant R&D. We provide semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial equipment, and measuring equipment, and also satisfy a wide range of needs from the industry.

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Introduction of our business areas and main products (1)
Business areas
We develop and manufacture ultrasonic equipment.
We are a number-one company in thick-wire bonders for power devices.
Main products
We design, manufacture, and sell ultrasonic wire bonders, ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic welding machines, and other devices based on ultrasonic energy. We also offer precision machines, instruments, and electrical meters and gauges.
Ultrasonic wire bonders
Power devices are highly advanced, and have evolved into intelligent power modules equipped with numerous wires in complex layouts. Our thick-wire rotary head bonders come equipped with a 110 kHz high-frequency ultrasonic transmitter. Our unique long tool has enabled deep application and bonding to wall edges.
Introduction of main products (2)
Ultrasonic cleaners
We first released an ultrasonic cleaner in 1956. We have constantly been taking on pioneering products ever since, winning high acclaim and customer confidence. We apply our comprehensive cleaning technology to propose optimal processes and safe, planet-friendly methods for cleaning. Our products are designed to match the particular states of dirt on semiconductors, liquid crystals, and optical communications parts that are not allowed to have even microscopic pieces of dirt, as well as automotive parts with stubborn dirt on them. 
Ultrasonic plastic welders
Ultrasonic plastic welding machines are designed to use the vibration energy of ultrasonic waves to generate friction heat on welded surfaces, which fuses plastic parts together instantaneously. These machines provide outstanding features of high productivity and high quality, and require no welding process after fusion. This makes them suitable for introduction on an automatic line.
Ultrasonic meters and gauges
These units measure distance, height, and concentration from the propagation velocity, propagation time, attenuation, and other parameters of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic sensors provide non-contact measurement by using reflection, absorption, and other parameters. They are precise and reliable, and require no maintenance, so they can be safely used even in risky locations. They are active in pubic enterprise facilities and various other industrial segments.

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