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We may not stand out, but you can turn to us for industrial machines  

Our company specializes in pulse-related parts. Our products are used in many industries where quality is severely examined, such as telecommunications, computers, broadcasting, health care, and automobiles.

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Sales Pitch

Product line-up
Product information 
・ Pulse transformers
・ Network transformers
・ Voltage/current detection transformers
・ Digital audio transformers
・ Video transformers
・ Switching transformers
Delay lines
・ Delay lines (passive)
・ Delay lines (active)
・ Delay lines (programmable)
・ LC
・ Active filters
・ DC-DC converters 
Technology development information
[Switching transformers, choke coils]
We design and manufacture custom switching transformers and choke coils as requested or specified by each customer.
Various core shapes are available. We help customers with our prompt service from prototype making to mass production. Of course we provide after-sales services too.
We satisfy the following customer needs.
- Wanting to develop equipment superior to competitors, but the transformers on the market are not satisfactory in terms of specifications.   
- Having a problem with a power semiconductor device operation. 
- Wanting to make the size smaller than the current product. 
- Needing an item for which production was discontinued. 

[Voltage detection transformers]
We have realized voltage detection from the low frequency range with our small-size, high-performance voltage detecting transformers.
(Applications and features)
- Detection of the voltage of high-voltage circuits 
- Detection of the voltage of commercial frequencies (50/60Hz) 
- Reduction of the component mounting area for down-sizing 
- Conformity to the RoHS directive and so on

We provide suitable solutions for customers by dispatching staff.

A wide variety of core shapes and sizes are available. 
We support customers from prototype making to mass production, based on their specifications.  
Contact us with whatever problems you have. 
Feature products 
■ Reinforced insulation of Ethernet environments for medical equipment (withstand voltage 4000V rms)
We offer the TRX series of high withstand voltage pulse transformers, which has obtained IEC 60601-1 certification as an insulation reinforcing measure for LAN networks of medical devices.

■ Video transformers (for image noise suppression)
There are increasing problems of image disturbance due to noise with the increase in surveillance and security camera systems.  

There are many problems that harm the effects of surveillance and security cameras. These include the difficulty of recognizing what is on the screen due to image noise, or an image is disturbed for a specific time by driving other equipment. Our company's video transformers are used in various surveillance and security systems as a solution to these problems. They are used in various places such as elevators, expressways, railway facilities, airports, power plants, and plant cranes.   

Various types are available from the insulated standard type to a model for one-cable (superimposed power) camera systems.  

Contact us when it is difficult to see a screen due to noise. Samples are available for rental use to check the effect.

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