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Various measuring instruments and IT solutions for heat, light, and wind

In addition to manufacturing and selling products in a wide range of fields, from various detection devices for heat, light, and wind to deposition materials, we are introducing our excellent products into overseas markets.

In recent years, we have been actively promoting the provision of various services and solutions that address corporate issues related to heat, light and wind, such as the rental of industrial electric furnaces and the deployment of IoT using various sensors.

To build a sustainable society, innovation is urgently needed in the fields of the environment, resources and energy . We will contribute to future technological and social innovations by utilizing the knowledge and technology related to heat, light, and wind that we have accumulated over 50 years.

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Sales Pitch

Solar radiation monitors for solar power generation -eliminating about 2% of waste and helping to maximizing power generation -
Our new product is a solar radiation monitor for solar power generation that offers high-accuracy business operation for the solar power business.
Eliminates the approximately 2% error rate of pyranometers to capture the amount of power generation extremely accurately.
Can be widely used for everyday confirmation of solar power generation, early detection of panel deterioration, and maintenance.
Can also measure the temperature directly below the solar batteries at the same time as the amount of power generation.
A small and lightweight design supports a wide range of power generation facilities from large- to small- scale.
The product can be used as an alternative to conventional pyranometers.
The product measures the amount of solar radiation with the same structure as a solar battery module.
We develop our products based on the environmental measurement/optical equipment technology of Ishikawa Trading Co., Ltd. 
In the measurement of solar power generation, conventional pyranometers have an error rate of about 2%. This is because there were no other instruments available except meteorological pyranometers for measuring insolation until now, and precise measurements have not been possible to be performed when evaluating power generation.
If the amount of power generation contains even a slight error, when spread over a number of years of generation, the potential losses can be enormous. Our solar radiation solar monitor solves this problem and helps to support highly accurate business operations.
The solar radiation solar monitor also has a built-in temperature sensor. With this one unit, solar radiation and the temperature directly below the panel can be measured at the same place at the same time, which means more accurate meteorological data can be understood and the accuracy of power generation data collection is further enhanced.
In addition, the cost and labor of separately installing and managing a pyranometer and a thermometer are no longer required.
Rental of electric industrial furnaces
We want to reduce the cost of experiments and development. However, we want to achieve results. At those times
You can rent an industrial electric furnace or temperature control power supply for a fixed period and for the amount you will use it.
Unlike with buying or leasing, a budget that's about the same as the cost of purchase is not required. 
For example, this set can be rented for six months for 46,000 yen per month.
Rental contents
A set of one transparent electric furnace and a temperature control power supply
Electric furnace heating length 304 mm, recommended furnace core tube outer diameter φ40 mm
Reference price in case of purchase:694,000 yen
Price excluding tax

Various electric furnaces are available. Please feel free to contact us.
We also offer services such as installation and usage training
The services required for operating the electric furnace are also available as options.

Installation/Usage Course ¥ 40,000 (Kanto area) ~ 
Pick-up ¥ 40,000 (same as above)

Examples of other options (purchase)
Quartz furnace core tube ¥ 32,000- ~ φ40mm x length 410mm, t = 3mm with Pyrex cap (gas introduction tube) Quartz furnace core tube ¥ 150,000 ~ φ60mm Work table ¥ 200,000.- ~ With protective steel punching cover

We also offer various services with fees according to your location and methods involved. Please contact us for more information.


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