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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:25

iFORCOM Smart Ecology Co., Ltd.

Energy visualization tool ecooro21

Achieved reduction performance in over 2,500 facilities Eco-Pro 21 are consultants that help to improve the operation of companies by saving electricity. We realize cost reductions through a power visualization system and operation improvement consulting.

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Sales Pitch

Business information
Using the energy-saving know-how we have cultivated over 10 years and our proven support system, we propose energy cost reductions that satisfy our customers. 

Suggestions for reducing power costs
Introduced/achieved reduction measures in over 2,500 facilities.
Achieved an average cost reduction performance of 10 % or more.
The return on investment is typically within about one year.

Electricity visualization/EcoPro 21
Visualization system for reducing electricity charges
An analysis graph filled with know-how that we have derived from many previous reduction results
Peak cuts are also possible with demand monitoring

Training of energy conservation managers/Eco-kaizen
No facility installation needed.
No change of current environment.
Cost reductions can be realized, regardless of the type of business.

System development
Contact us for system development.
Abundant and diverse achievements in system development.
Please leave both software and hardware to us.

Subsidy/Subsidy Application Support
Please leave application support to us.
We provide the expertise to increase acceptance rates.

Business adoption/certification/award achievements 
TAMA Environmental Manufacturing Grand Prize: Environmental Product Award (Metropolitan Area Industrial Revitalization Association)
Sagamihara City trial order authorization (Sagamihara City)
Hokkaido Eco Change Family (Hokkaido)
Home eco-diagnostic effect verification measurement survey project “Uchi eco monitor” (Ministry of the Environment)
New Partnerships support authorization business/ Industry-government-academia cooperative project model business (The Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Global Warming Countermeasures Tokyo Metropolitan Government Plan Certification Model Business (Tokyo Metropolis)
Chiba Prefecture Global Warming Prevention Plan Certified Model Business (Chiba Prefecture)
Energy-saving technology seeds adoption business (Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Akita Prefecture Global Warming Countermeasures Regional Promotion Plan Model Project (Akita Prefecture)
Best practice business certification for strengthening the environment (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Kashiwanoha CO2 Reduction Visualization Project: Eco Action Point Model Business (Ministry of the Environment)
Received JCCCA Stop Global Warming Operation Encouragement Award (Ministry of the Environment)
Received the Chiba Genki Industrial Company Award (Fuji Sankei Business-i)
Eco-professional 21
Power consumption will be easily understood in real time from any location.

Since “peak” and “wasted usage” can be measured, both the basic utility charges and usage charges can be reduced by taking appropriate measures.

Always know the status in real time
Reflects the latest measurement data every 10 min
Immediate action allows responses to be made with immediate effect. 
Immediate checking and verification of energy saving actions

Available from any location through the internet
No dedicated terminal or software required, so the data can be viewed from PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
Allows remote monitoring
Demand alerts can be sent to any mobile phone, anywhere.

Can be used by anyone, without specialized knowledge.
Many analysis functions that highlight potential reduction points
Laymen can view and use the data at a glance.
Intuitive and easy operation that can be used within a web browser

Mechanisms for cost reduction
Analytical abilities and various other functions that make full use of our expertise and power saving/energy saving achievements
Can be used to maintain motivation by displaying costs (fees)
Realize steady reductions by utilizing the progress management function
Eco Kaizen
Eco-kaizen is not a consulting service that increases knowledge about energy conservation.
Learn how to reduce electricity bills and expand energy-saving activities across your entire company. 

Four points to reduce electricity charges:
1. Work in the right order
2. Create mechanisms that get results
3. Reaffirm the benefits to employees
4. Leadership of management and executives

Not only will you learn energy-saving techniques, but you will also experience reduced electricity charges within two months.

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ