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We have infinite possibilities in innovative technology development

We have expended into 6 business areas by utilizing 3 core technologies of ultra-precision and high-precision technologies, inspection and measurement technology and electrification technology: precision equipment business, textile machinery business, robot-related business, equipment related business, processing business and unit business.  We respond to various needs for automation in the production process with enthusiasm and refined technical capabilities.

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Various production process solutions provided by THK INTECHS
Covering design, manufacturing and repair of mother machines
We manufacture production equipment for the THK Group that manufactures the LM guide having the top share globally in positioning element parts and manufacture materials for LM Guides. The LM guide is one of the essential machine element parts used as guides when moving the machine straight. The LM guide is used not only in the machinery industry, but also in various industrial fields including automotive, aircraft, railway vehicle parts, robots, medical and welfare equipment, seismic isolation and vibration control equipment for buildings and home electronics. We manufacture various types of machine tools to meet customer needs by utilizing the production technology that we have cultivated.

In addition to new production, we dissemble machine products into parts and perform cleaning, replacement of consumable parts, reworking and reassembling. We also support overhaul that delivers products after restoring the original performance, and respond to retrofitting in which the products are delivered after performing modification for improving original performance and functions.
Precision equipment business that collects the best of technology
■ Precision equipment business that collects the best of the technology of the Beldex brand known for piezotronics

Beldex, which was founded in 1965, has evolved through the fusion of different technologies, mechatronics, optics, and computers. We have earned unwavering trust by utilizing piezotronics as a core technology in the fields of inspection and measurement, precision press-fitting and processing of brittle materials. We will continue to develop the precision equipment business under the Beldex brand to respond to requests from our customers.

■ Covering strokes of inspection and measurement on a scale of 1/10 billion from meters to subnanometer

THK INTECS covers a scale width of 10 billion times from ultra-precise positioning stages of Beldex, which performs movements in sub-nanometer units, to high-precision transfer and positioning stages and tables in units of meters. We can reduce the occurrence of defective products and contribute to improving the profit margin by providing a wide range of inspection and measurement technologies.
Robot engineering that changes industry
■ Next-generation industrial robot "NEXTAGE" that can operate the assembly and inspection equipment used by humans without making any changes

THK INTECS knows the characteristics of products capable of providing optimal robot engineering.
Robot engineering is essential for effective operation of industrial robots.
THK INTECS also knows the functions and performances of the robots made by Kawada Robotics, which is one of our affiliated companies, and provides the optimal robot operation system for your environment.

■ Showroom "Risokata"

THK INTECS opened the NEXTAGE showroom “Risokata” in Chubu Technical Support in Toyota branch of  THK Corporation.
In the showroom, we hold demonstrations and seminars using actual machines.
In addition, we provide an individual consultation with an advance appointment system to allow customers to select and make proposals including peripherals and optional equipment while asking plans from customers.

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