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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:34

Aoi Engineering Inc.

Contact us in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture for automatic controls, special-purpose equipment, and electrolyzed water. We fully satisfy customer needs with an integrated system covering all stages from design and manufacturing to maintenance.  

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Business Description
Automatic control system business
[PLC renewal ]
Is there a long-used PLC in your factory? The equipment will never work if the programs in the memory are lost. It also takes a long time and a lot of money to recover the programs.  
We quickly replace various types of PLCs. 
We satisfy requirements for different options as well as remodeling, such as renewal of operation switches and touch panels.
Special machine business
[Robot system]
Reports on TV and so on note that industrial robots are playing an active role in various manufacturing fields.   
Our company's professional engineers help you with your automated equipment and robot systems from design and manufacturing to adjustment. Our support is based on the control technologies we have built up over many years.   

[Air-conditioning roll filter cleaning device]
We contribute to labor and time saving by providing cleaning machines for air-conditioning roll filters for train cars.  
This device was developed for the purpose of cleaning the air conditioning roll filters used in ordinary train cars (mainly commuter trains). Such trains are air-conditioned throughout the year, so it has become necessary to clean the filters frequently with less labor and time. 
Electrolyzed water business
Electrolyzed water is friendly to human beings and the environment.
Electrolyzed water that is friendly to the environment and exhibits excellent sterilizing effects can be generated by adding a small amount of salt to water and electrolyzing it. Electrolyzed water is widely used in various fields such as health care, welfare, agriculture, food hygiene, and so on.  

[Product information]
(1) LABO S-II strongly acidic electrolyzed water generator
Easily generates strongly acidic electrolyzed water that exhibits excellent sterilization effects.
(2) EPOS ECO SYSTEM residual chlorine level correcting system
This has realized dentists' dreams of changing bacterial water to bactericidal water.
(3) ECO-PRO WATER weakly acidic electrolyzed water
ECO-PRO WATER is an abbreviation for Ecology Protection Water. It is weakly acidic to be environmentally friendly, and exhibits strong sterilizing effects and less corrosion of metal and the like.

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