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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:29


In Hamamatsu, we produce products that are used around the world! We aim to become the only company that manufactures mufflers.

We manufacture genuine mufflers (mufflers and exhaust systems) for Yamaha Motor motorcycles. In recent years, we have established original after-service parts “PRUNUS” and manufacture high-quality, low-cost after-service parts utilizing genuine know-how. We respond to overseas markets and local demand through 7 overseas subsidiaries (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Brazil) in 5 countries.
We can produce a wide range of needs including mufflers for motorcycle, our original mufflers, metal honeycomb catalysts and four-wheel parts.

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We offer eco-friendly mufflers to the world
Exhaust system component parts for motorcycles
Exhaust system components of motorcycles, which are our main products, are important parts that affect the engine performance and design of motorcycles.
We pursue and develop advanced technologies to realize exhaust systems that contribute to environmental conservation and energy saving.
In particular, we have developed metal honeycomb catalysts that contribute to exhaust gas purification, and have offered them in both the after-sales market and mass-production market.
Motorcycles, automobiles and other body parts
We manufacture various parts in domestic and overseas factories.
In addition to muffler parts, we also offer metal stands, change pedals, muffler protectors, exhaust pipes, yokes, engine covers and catalyst converter parts.
We offer parts with good design and finish by utilizing nanofilm coating technology providing excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
Advanced equipment that integrates all metal processing technologies
We have introduced machines capable of precision processing in various processes such as press, laser, bender, welding, surface treatment and catalyst lines.
We enhanced the evaluation, and experimental equipment to enhance product reliability.
We also evaluate the performance of internally design parts, accumulate and enhance technology by providing feedback to the design stage.
Our evaluation technology that utilizes exhaust gas evaluation equipment and catalyst evaluation equipment is closely linked with the development technology of exhaust and catalyst, and this technology is our foundation as a manufacturer.

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