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Latest update: 03/04/2020 15:49:37

Various Co.,Ltd.

We design, manufacture, and sell cleaning machines that satisfy customer needs.  

We design, manufacture, and sell pressure-reducing precision ultrasonic cleaning systems that remove particles as small as 0.2 μm. We also offer semiconductor cleaning machines, automatic transfer systems, and chemical feeders.  

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Product information 
■ Equipment for semiconductors 
- Decompression-type super-precision ultrasonic cleaning machines
- Photoresist separators
- Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines 
- Scrub cleaning machines to be used after CMP
- Cleaning machines for finishing (with a vacuum dryer)
- Plating machines (for thin film such as GMR and MR-HED)

■ General cleaning machines 
- Automatic ultrasonic precision cleaning machines (decompression type)  
- Automatic multi-tank cleaning machines 
- Drainer-dryers 
- Closed type pure water cleaning machines 
■ Chemical liquid feeders
- Simplified chemical liquid preparation machines  
■ Other
- Spin dryers
- Desktop air blowers
- R0-equipped pure water producing devices
Decompression type super-precision ultrasonic cleaning machines 
We reduce costs by decreasing the amount of expensive fluorine-based solvents to be used. Our ultra-precision cleaning eliminates dust of 0.2 μm to 0.5 μm.

■ Design concept
· Environmentally friendly (minimum exhaust gas).
· Easy to use: The same cleaning power no matter who operates it.
· Reduced running costs.
· Improved cleaning power.                                                                    Various applications
Secure elimination of particles by means of a unique rectification system (PAT) 
Cleaning with fluorine solvent, removal of deposits 
Applicable cleaning liquids: HFE-7100, HFE-7200, AE-3000, AE-3100E, etc. 
- Improvement of cleanness of washing areas: FFU installation is possible (HEPA, ULPA).

■ Seven important features
1. Suitable for fluorinated solvents, reducing running costs by decreasing the quantity of the solvent to be used. 
2. The frequency of the ultrasonic oscillator can be selected in advance. 25/28/40/65/70/80/120/170Hz
3. Performs processing from washing to drying.
4. Space-saving without moving the items to be washed.
5. Easy operation to enable vacuum ultrasonic cleaning to be repeated.
6. Uniform cleaning effect with its vertical swinging movements during ultrasonic cleaning. 
7. 100% filtrate is used as cleaning solution. It is fed in the tank,   
circulated, and let overflow, to obtain a high degree of cleanness.

■ Applications
· CCD and CMOS sensors
· Semiconductor wafers
· Crystal parts, crystal wafer products
· Sensor parts
· Optical parts
· Liquid crystal panels
· Cleaning of ceramic substrates, elimination of particles 
Acceleration sensors using MEMS device, Waf, Gyro sensors, printer heads, etc.
Elimination of deposits after deep etching processing

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