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Latest update: 14/02/2020 10:24:08

Shirawashi Ltd.

Shirawashi is an expert in precision sheet metalworking.
We operate an integrated production of sheet metalworking, covering irregular shapes to assembly.

From laser cutting, screw hole drilling, assembly to coating, we can produce these in an integrated manner, covering complex multi-step processing. Please feel free to contact us regardless of the lot size.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
As a precision sheet metal working professional, our company operates the integrated production of sheet metal working products, including irregular shapes and assembly. We always keep about 150 types of stainless steel, iron, and aluminum materials in stock, sorted by material, thickness, and size. Laser cutting is used for small/medium lot production of irregular punching that includes curved lines, while and turret punch press is performed accurately for standard cutting and mass production. Various bendings such as right-angle bending, R-curve bending, acute angle bending, obtuse angle bending, hemming bending (a process to protect corners) are available
Main product/technology outline
Our company can consistently handle multiple processes that may seem troublesome, including laser-cutting, screw hole drilling, assembly, and painting.  For blanking, we propose laser cutting for irregular blanking (curved, etc.) in small to medium lot production, while recommending turret punching presses for standard blanking in mass production, depending on the drawings and quantity ordered. When tapping, you can specify the screw size. Burring is available for screw hole drilling on thin plates. For painting, we provide appropriate paint and plating for the intended use of the parts.
About business matching
Our company always keeps about 150 different kinds of materials, in varying thicknesses and sizes, in stock. By using an integrated production control system for managing orders, material procurement, processing, and shipping, as well as maintaining an efficient production schedule, we were able to observe delivery dates without fail. We strive to shorten delivery times, reduce costs, speed up quotes, and respond smoothly to inquiries about the progress of processing. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues.

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