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We contribute to our customers' labor saving and streamlining by providing total engineering services. We manufacture various products from a single unit of a special-purpose machine to manufacturing plant equipment.

We assist with our customers' labor saving and streamlining by designing, manufacturing, and building various kinds of factory equipment. This ranges from a single tank to manufacturing plant equipment, including conveyors and  special-purpose machines.   

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We design and manufacture chemical equipment, industrial machinery, and environmental equipment
We design and manufacture industrial machines to be used in various fields, such as the food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental industries

■ Plant equipment 
- Liquid plant equipment
Measuring, stirring, heating, cooling, mixing, storing, and transporting machines for food, cosmetics, chemical liquids, etc.
- Powder plant equipment
Measuring, crushing, classifying, mixing, transporting, and storing machines for food, animal feed, fertilizer, and chemicals.

■ Environmental equipment
- Electric dust collectors
Collects fine particles in exhaust gas by means of DC high-voltage corona discharge. The wet dust collectors boast a maximum dust collection efficiency of 99.9%, which cannot be obtained with other manufacturers' dust collectors. They can also be used as a highly efficient deodorizing device. They do not consume much electricity, which keeps their running cost low and reduces CO2 emissions.
- Scrubber systems
Deodorizes and cools exhaust gas by letting it contact water or chemical liquid in a container with a filler inside. After this the exhaust gas is let through a mist separator to prevent entrainment.
- Cyclone dust collectors
Separates and collects gas and solid particles using the centrifugal force generated by a rotating airflow. These products have a simple structure and require low initial costs. They are used as an independent machine, and also in the pretreatment process for bag filter dust collectors.
- Crushers
Reduces the volume of solids by cutting and crushing them with a biaxial rotary blade.

■ Powder handling equipment
- Vertical mixers
Efficiently and precisely mixes powder by three-dimensional stirring motion made by a screw that rotates on its own axis as well as revolving around the mixer container axis.
Does not require much driving power and thus the running cost is low. You can select the powder charging method and discharging method.
- Ribbon mixers
A basic type of mixer. The powder is mixed by double, ribbon-shaped blades.
- Paddle mixers
Stirs and mixes powder with rotating paddles provided inside the container. The container-reversing type can discharge the entire amount of the mixed powder, which shortens the time required to clean the container.
- High-speed mixers
Mixes and pelletizes powder in a short time by rotating double stirring blades attached to the lower center of the container at high speed.
- Powder filling machine
Measures and provides powder using an auger screw. Comes in two types: positive displacement type, and load cell type. Suitable for small-lot filling as they can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
- Trommel screens
Separates powder into two or three kinds of fineness using a rotating drum equipped with a net and punching metal.

■ Transfer equipment
- Screw conveyors
Transfers powder, mud, and other substances in different directions from horizontal to vertical. This is done using a spiral wing which rotates in an airtight container. Mixing can be performed simultaneously with transferring. The wing size can be from 10 mm to 1,000 mm in diameter.
- Chain conveyors 
We can manufacture various types of chain conveyors such as bucket, flight, and flow types. Our flow conveyors can perform horizontal to vertical transfer motions continuously by themselves. Multiple inlets and outlets can be installed.

■ Equipment to handle chemicals
-  Emulsifiers
Disperse and emulsify chemicals using a homo-mixer that rotates at a high speed and a stirring mixer that rotates at a low speed.
- Rotary dryers
Wet material provided from one side of the main drum is dried in contact with hot air while being moved to the other outlet side with the rotation of a tilted drum. The exhaust gas is burned in a hot blast chamber to prevent odors. 
- Circulation dryers 
Suitable for materials with relatively low water content. The dryer size can be small because the heat transfer coefficient of this type can made larger than that of the rotary type.
Imported machinery
Our company imports and sells pellet mills, extruders, vibrating sieves, pulverizers, and other machines for chemical powders that are less expensive than Japan-made articles.

- Squeezers
We customize various types of hydraulic cylinder-equipped food material de-oilers, such as electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.
- Rope collectors
Products to remove dust from raw materials in the fish meal production process.
- Vacuum section conveyors
Moves and palletizes plate-shaped products using a vacuum. 
- Liquid filling machines 
Simply structured by a positive displacement pump and a load cell. Lifting type nozzles are available for liquids that easily bubble.  
Repair and maintenance of chemical-handling equipment, industrial machinery, and environmental equipment 
We repair products of other makes in addition to industrial machines made by our company. We offer regular maintenance and overhaul services for various types of machines.
- Repair of production machines and transfer machines (replacement of commercial parts, and fabrication and replacement of specially designed parts)
- Repair of pumps and fans (replacement of bearings, and dynamic balance adjustment)
- Repair of steel structures by welding (stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, dissimilar metal)  
We handle various works such as piping and ducting
We satisfy all your needs for piping and duct-related works for your factories including cooling water piping and ventilation duct installation.
- Machine installation works
- Piping works
- Duct-related works 

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