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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:49

Niitakayama Co.,Ltd.

Comprehensive pipe processing manufacturer performing processes ranging from bending pipes to pressing, welding, and making molds

We design and produce molds and equipment used for processing pipes. In an integrated fashion, we perform production processes ranging from cutting pipes to bending and pressing the pipes, processing their terminals, welding, and assembly. Our technical capabilities nurtured for many years have received positive evaluations, causing many automobile and motorcycle manufacturers to adopt our products.

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Manufacturing processes
[Producing molds, jigs, and equipment]
Dedicated engineering staff designs and produces molds, welding jigs, equipment, inspection jigs, etc. for processing pipes, in our company. 
We perform FMEA (failure mode effect analysis) on the actual past troubles to prepare optimum molding jigs incorporating error-proofing mechanisms or sensors. 
Our strength lies in the production of original molding jigs that are the fruits of our know-how which has been nurtured for 50 years since our foundation.  
[Cutting long materials]
The specialized factory located near our Head Office performs the first process which is the cutting of long pipes. 
The pipes are cut by an automatic cutter in which a workpiece is rotated. Then, an automated chamfering machine simultaneously cuts both ends of the pipe (internal and external end faces), allowing for the processing of the pipe with stable shape and length. 
We have know-how in oil-free cutting and cutting pipes made of ultra-high tension materials.
[Pipe bender processing]
Pipe bender processing is a process in which a pipe bender mechanically bends metal pipes to be used for automobile mufflers or the like.
Since we are equipped with cutting-edge pipe benders with a control device, we achieve high precision and high efficiency. We have processed steel and stainless steel pipes, whose diameter ranges from Ø6.35 to Ø54, and aluminum pipes whose diameter is as large as Ø110.  
In addition, we have multiple three-roll type boost benders. We have reliable technological capabilities to perform extremely small radius bending and composite radius bending.   
[Press working]
By using single press machines, we drill holes in, cut, crush, expand, diminish, and bend pipes or perform other processes. 
For example, changing a process, in which a drill is usually used to make holes in a pipe, to a press working process can greatly reduce processing cost. (Processing example: While bending a Ø38.1 pipe, a craftsman presses and drills a Ø25 hole.)
[Processing pipe terminals]
Processing of pipe terminals is a process in which pipe terminals are formed into various shapes. We combine pipe terminal processing machines, which are a hydraulic press type, a rotational eccentric type, and so on, with a mold produced by us to form terminals with various shapes that include an expanded or diminished terminal, a bulge, a spool, grooves, a flare, etc. 
We weld various materials by appropriately performing MAG, CO2, MIG, TIG, or spot welding. 
Since we have been producing decorative parts of motorcycles for many years, the beautiful appearance of parts welded by us is well-received.
By using inspection jigs, we guarantee the inspection of pipe bending lines. In addition, we independently design and produce dedicated inspection equipment to achieve the high quality requested by clients. Our quality and costs satisfy our clients.
Product lineup
Automobile parts
-Water pipes

Golf cart parts
-Sheet frames 

Motorcycle parts
-Exhaust pipes

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) parts
-Front bumpers
-Rear bumpers
-Exhaust pipes

Other products
-Frames of unmanned helicopters for industrial use
-Exhaust pipes of jet ski bikes

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