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Latest update: 08/07/2020 17:39:09

Ichikudo Printing Co. Ltd

A sustainable society created with the use of paper packages

We are developing and manufacturing a paper package that uses as little fossil fuel as possible using an integrated system. We offer smooth submission and quick delivery by incorporating a digital platemaking technology. We are also developing new materials. Our electrostatic sticker “Refit+”, which needs no adhesive glue, is attracting widespread attention as a new advertising material.

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Digital technology × Master craftsmanship
In-house integrated production that fuses craftsmanship and digital IT
Our company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. Fusing the skill of craftsmen with techniques built up over many years of history with the latest IT digital technology, our company is one of the unique few printing companies in the world that can consistently produce everything from ordering to plate making, CTP plate printing, printing, bookbinding and paper container processing through our own integrated production processes. 
On-demand printing that gives shape to ideas
We are able to quickly give shape to your concepts by providing concrete prototypes. To reduce the time required for the trial and error that is essential in creative work, our specialized operators can create highly accurate prototypes using our CAD system.
Stick to 100% paper, aiming to realize a recycling-based society
We tend to think that using paper made from wood as a raw material will lead to environmental damage, but it is also said that renewable management of tree brings out the original power of forests and leads to the activation of more of the entire forest when compared to forests that are protected and are not cut down. Then, if we look at it in a cycle of approximately 100 years, we can realize a recycling-based society. In this way, we are committed 100% to producing paper that has a low environmental load without using fossil fuels and that will fulfill our social responsibilities by proactively engaging in product development, manufacturing, and proposals.
In addition, we can support the development of healthy forests by properly managing forests and clarifying to consumers when and where the paper products made from them were cut down, and when and where they were processed, to prevent deforestation and ensure sound health. In 2005, we acquired FSC/CoC certification under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) forest certification system. (FSC® C004619) We will continue to actively participate in forest conservation efforts.

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