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We will do our best to generate revenue for our customers.

We perform “high-quality, quick-delivery precision machining.” We also welcome requests for press processing (deep drawing or bending). We handle everything from design and production to the inspection of inspection jigs.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overviews
Business content/characteristics
We handle precision machining, deep-drawing press processing, inspection jigs, and cover glass. We not only sell products domestically but also offer export/import overseas. When we use multiple parts suppliers, Kanou Precision Co., Ltd. takes charge of quotations, meetings and delivery management. Please let us take care of the management of multi-process products. We responsibly manage all processes, from material processing to finished products. We will do our utmost to support our customers in their goal of creating revenue.
Overview of main products and technologies
In precision machining, we provide high quality precision machined parts in collaboration with many precision machining factories. In deep-drawing pressing, we offer pressing for outer shells such as DC motors, stepping motors and linear motors, electronic machine parts for automobiles, and parts for automobile hydraulic circuits. In automobile parts inspection jigs, we offer planning and proposals for inspection jigs that can verify automotive parts and which are able to meet the precision and inspection standards required by various automobile manufacturers.
Message from the representative (initiatives for future market development and intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
We have a precision machinery department that handles automatic machine parts, inspection tools, dies, and mold parts such as molds and punches and inspection jigs for products such as large stamped parts, and a photoelectric department that handles Gelivable and offers advanced AG processing for industrial and in-vehicle touch panels using Gorilla Glass®. By providing high quality parts, we help our customers to generate profit. Last year, our specialized die punching factory got up to full production, and this year, we have put a new system in place that allows us to design and manufacture inspection jigs for large parts such as pressing and moldings. As for our touch panel related products, we have a history of achievements in Japanese mobile phones and personal computers. We can also meet customers’ requests for in-vehicle products.

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